Spinnerbaits are one type of bait under the family of fish-luring equipment and it is also used for the same purpose of swim baits to lure the fish and catch in large amounts. It differs from the normal crankbaits and swimbaits by its distinctive additional feature of the metal blade around it, in which when it is drowned under water, the metal blade tends to spin under the water which creates attractive degrees of flash and colors and swimming actions that can lure the small fishes and other preys. In line spinner, safety pin spinner, tail spinners are the broadly used varieties of spinner baits. These baits are used specifically to catch the pike, bass and peach varieties. It mainly attracts the predatory fish by its lateral line system action of special sense organ through the spinning metal blade. As fishes are able to feel even the slightest movements and vibrations under the water, spinner baits are made with features to mimic by creating slight sound waves and flashes in the water which lead to productively catch a large number of fishes.