Swimbaits are the artificial lures, which are made and shaped to resemble the body of the fish and to make actions like the baits in the water. In the freshwater fishing process, lures are used often to catch the eluding fishes in large numbers. Crankbaits are also used for this fishing process and the swim baits differ from crankbaits by its action of luring under the water. Mostly these swimbaits are made of rubber and its actions are like the flag wave which take after and appears like swimming, tail fluttering in the water while retrieving. There are multiple types of swimbaits available which is designed based on different species. Even though swim baits are used to disguise like fishes, some varieties are shaped to catch others like turtles and rodents etc. Mainly they are classified into hard body baits, soft body baits, and hollow body baits. Soft body swimbaits are made of smooth and flexible plastic, which is the main material in manufacturing and widely these soft swim baits are used for the freshwater fishing. Occasionally for larger preys, hard swimbaits which are made of wood and molded plastic with treble hooks are used. These subtle swimming like swim baits are using extensively by the fishermen to catch a large number of fishes by luring process.