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150 Ogoni youth to benefit from Turkish agricultural skills – the Sun Nigeria


From Okwe Obi, Abuja

The International Conference on Agriculture and Food (ICAF) in partnership with the Turkey and Ogoni Liberation Initiative (OLI) said more than 150 Ogoni youth will benefit from an agricultural entrepreneurship program and food based in Turkey, aimed at minimizing the unrest of young people in the region.

ICAF President Idil Saguner, who spoke on Friday while reporting on the initiative in Abuja, said it would create employment opportunities for others with skills learned in Turkey.

Saguner said the Ogoni struggle has caught the attention of ICAF and the Turkey-based NGO will not hesitate to support the training and development of young people for positive change.

According to her: “We have studied the Ogoni people with a kinship interest and it is time for us to contribute our own quota to the development of these young people in others to end youth unemployment in the region.

Meanwhile, OLI President Dr Fabeke Douglas said the partnership has become imperative as young people in the region have been neglected by the Nigerian government.

Fabeke said that despite the huge oil deposit in the area, people have been grossly abandoned with their polluted land preventing young people from engaging in agriculture, fishing and other activities to earn a living.

He said that with the help of the ICAF based in Turkey, young people will find a new way of life.

“Traveling to Turkey will help broaden their horizons and change their way of thinking. We are taking 150 overseas as the first set and more will follow.

“We have no government support, only the goodwill of spirited Nigerians kept us going.

“The diversification of our economy, particularly the agricultural sector and solid minerals are viable sectors that must be explored.

“If the government borrows to create industries and new industrial cities that will help our economy and create jobs for our citizens, that will be the ideal thing to end the insecurity that is ravaging our country.

“We hope that the government will complement our efforts to pacify the Ogoni people and the Niger Delta region in general,” he said.