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Logbooks follow the activity of the fishing guide

[ad_1] For the first time, sport fishing guides in Washington State are now required to keep a logbook of their guide activity. In August 2019, the state legislature approved a law requiring guides to keep track of how many clients they guide, where they guide, what they catch, and more. The new logbook rule came […]

Fishing resources

Curious about New York’s main fishery resources? DEC has answers at Niagara Fishing Expo | Buffalo sports

[ad_1] McGraw’s outdoor writer Mike Joyner waved a Lake Erie walleye last summer as local captain TJ Yetzer of Warsaw watched. Walleye fishing continues to be excellent in the lake as 2019 was a record harvest. (Bill Hilts Jr./Buffalo News) Steve Hurst, head of the DEC Fisheries Bureau, will be part of a large team […]