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Clancy Holt’s fishing guide company has been working there for 64 years

[ad_1] By Eric Trent / Each year as he grew up, Clancy Holt and his family would spend two months camping on the banks of the Sacramento River near Redding, Calif., Fishing for salmon every day. They would tie the salmon to a rope through their gills, plant it on the ground, and keep […]

Fishing guide

Big One hasn’t escaped: Veteran fishing guide recalls big bass twofer on ‘Rayburn | Sports

[ad_1] Veteran bassist Tommy Martin of Hemphill saw strange things happen on the water during a decorated career dating back to the early 1970s. He still scratches after what happened in his earlier Nitro bass boat this month. Martin, 79, was leading William Lawson of Lafayette, Louisiana on the morning of June 17 at Sam […]

Fishing skills

Timeless fishing skills

[ad_1] 1. Catch the tuna with old wooden lures Head deep blue on a modern offshore sport fisherman, and you’ll likely be dragging new school spreader bars, squid garlands, and splashing birds that make quite a splash. All of these things put the tuna in the boat, but so do regular cedar corks. If you […]

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Minister Nabbanja wants fishing activities on Lake Albert to stop

[ad_1] Fishing on Lake Albert is limited to the day only, but a suggestion has been made to stop fishing altogether to stop any possible spread of COVID-19. Photo file Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Minister of State for Health Robinah Nabbanja has called for the suspension of fishing activities on Lake Albert to […]