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4 things to do this fall – Royal Examiner

Whatever your interests, there is no shortage of activities to fill your days this summer. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.

1. Go back to nature
The thing about the outdoors is that there are many ways to enjoy it. Watch the birds in your garden, take a walk in the woods or cycle through the countryside. Alternatively, enjoy a picnic in the park or pack your fishing rod and spend a weekend camping by the lake.

2. Host a game night
Your options are as numerous as they are varied. Keep your mind sharp as you roll the dice, shuffle the cards, or test your knowledge. You can teach your grandchildren a game they don’t know or have a regular board game night with friends.

3. Move your body
From golf to gardening, there are plenty of opportunities to be physically active during the summer. You can also join a walking club or sign up for a yoga, tai chi or water aerobics class. Often, these group lessons are offered outdoors when the weather is nice and can be adapted if you have reduced mobility.

4. Plan a cultural outing
Treat yourself to an evening at the theater or attend a concert. If you want to spend an afternoon with your grandchildren, go to the cinema or visit a museum. Don’t forget that summer is prime time for all kinds of local festivals and events.

5. Explore your artistic side
Whether you prefer to paint, photograph, knit or play a musical instrument, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Activities like scrapbooking and sandcastle sculpting allow you to combine creativity with family time.

6. Play outdoor games
If you like activities that allow you to socialize and enjoy a sunny day, there are plenty of garden games to choose from, including horseshoes, bocce, ladder toss and croquet.

7. Enjoy your own company
Spending some quiet time alone can be the perfect way to recharge. Curl up on the couch with a crossword puzzle, retreat to the porch swing with a good book, or just relax listening to some music. On a rainy day, try your hand at a puzzle or watch your favorite TV shows.

8. Treat yourself to local dishes
Take advantage of the beautiful season to discover new flavors in your region. Sample the menu at a local bistro, savor a cornet at the ice cream parlor, or enjoy a wine tasting at a nearby vineyard. If you don’t feel like going out, you can teach your grandkids a family recipe or host a potluck with loved ones.

9. Try your luck
It’s okay to gamble occasionally, so try your luck at bingo or head to the casino for a fun and exciting night out.

10. Go shopping
Support independent retailers and local artisans, or check out a few garage sales in your area. If you just want to window shop at the mall, this activity is suitable for all types of weather.