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5 most common activities people do when struck and killed by lightning

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Lightning is unpredictable and can be deadly if proper precautions are not taken. Do you know the main activities people do when struck and killed by lightning?

Many people think golf is the most common activity when struck by lightning, but you might be surprised to learn that’s not the case. Golf East a dangerous activity when there’s a thunderstorm nearby, but it’s not even in the top five. In recent years, more and more golfers have become aware of the risk of lightning, thus reducing the number of fatalities.

5. Riding a bicycle or motorbike. Rubber tires provide no lightning protection. Cars are safe from lightning only because your car’s metal cage directs lightning safely around anyone sitting inside.

4. Agriculture or animal husbandry. Because farmers and ranchers work in an open field where they are the tallest object, they are at a high risk of being struck by lightning.

3. Camping. Campers are at risk because they are often out in the wilderness far from shelter when storms arrive. Tents, picnic areas, and gazebos are not safe in a thunderstorm, so make sure you have lightning-proof shelter nearby, such as a car or building.

2. The beach. People like to have fun in the sun in the summer, but this is also the time of year when thunderstorms occur most often.

1. Fishing. If you are holding onto a metal pole and are on water, you are at high risk of being struck and killed by lightning.

People camping, biking, farming, fishing or at the beach can be far from shelter when a storm approaches.

So plan ahead, check the NBC12 First Alert weather app, and avoid these activities if thunderstorms are forecast. You can also get real-time lightning data on the app.

And as soon as you hear the thunder, it’s time to go home.

When thunder rolls, come inside! As soon as you hear thunder, it’s time to take refuge in a car or a solid building.(WWBT)

Some people struck by lightning were heading for shelter, but they didn’t end their activities soon enough to get to safety.

If you follow these tips, you and your family can stay safe from one of mother nature’s killers this spring and summer.

2021 actually brought the lowest number of lightning fatalities in recorded history in the United States. 11 people were killed by lightning last year in the United States. On average, this number is closer to 30 people. Lightning safety experts attribute improved safety knowledge to fewer fatalities in recent years.

This information on the top 5 activities people do when struck and killed by lightning comes from a 2020 report from the National Lightning Safety Council.

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