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The lack of a Salmon Arm specific parks and trails guide prompted consideration of creating one.

Com. Kevin Flynn chairs the city’s Greenways Liaison Committee and therefore provided City Council with an update on the committee’s actions. He said members spoke about the important information available on trails and regional parks, but not so much for the city itself.

It was suggested during the Greenways meeting that members contact the District Municipal and Regional Tax (MRDT or Hotel Tax) group, Salmon Arm Economic Development and Visitor Information Provider to see the possibility of have an MRDT project to create such a guide.

Other news from the Greenways Committee included a meeting with the Fish and Game Club regarding trails adjacent to the shooting range.

Flynn said there were some issues, including concerns about safety, so Greenways members and town staff met with club members. He said more signage has been discussed, both provided by the city and provided by the club.

“We always fear that on our map of greenways, there is an unofficial trail. I don’t think anyone uses it because of the greenway map, but we might want to discuss this during the next OCP (official community plan) review and ask if it should be deleted ”, Flynn told the board.

He said the reunion was good, especially “for those of us who hadn’t hiked those unofficial trails that run through private property a bit, just to see what’s there and all agree that more signage and education are needed ”.

Finally, Flynn referred to the Hillcrest Walking Group, which proposed signage for a network of Hillcrest greenways.

He said the greenways committee supported in principle adding signage and ensuring the network is included in the city’s trail information.
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