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achievements reward mastery of “different magical skills”

Magical life-sim Kitori Academy is on its way to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, so we reached out to developer Cubenary to find out more…

We spoke to Bee Sanz, creator and co-founder of Cubenary, who also designs and writes for Kitori Academy, to learn more about the life sim that sends us to a wizarding academy.

What is Kitori Academy?

Kitori Academy is a life simulation about our experience as a wizard’s apprentice at the academy. It is in development and published by Cubenary.

When does Kitori Academy launch?

We don’t have a launch date for Kitori Academy yet, but we’ll keep an eye out!

What is it about?

At Kitori Academy, we are a sorcerer’s apprentice. “The doors of the academy are open to anyone who wants to become a wizard; many future wizards join at a young age,” Sanz says. “There will be unexpected events and strange things happening around the academy and surrounding areas.” On the game’s Steam page, we know we’ll be looking to “free the world from the curse that hangs over innocent creatures,” and Sanz underscores this by adding, “As a future wizard, you will be invaluable in clearing up the mess. From the first day you join the academy, something strange happens and you will slowly find out what is going on.

We will be accompanied by our spiritual companion, who, it seems, can also take the form of a cat. “Your spirit companion will be introduced to you on your first day at the academy during the welcome ceremony. The apprentice will be able to customize the appearance of the cat,” Sanz explains.

kitori academy interview

What does the gameplay look like?

We will attend classes at the academy, while exploring the lands that surround it. We wondered if the gameplay of Kitori Academy would be tied to a schedule if we were playing as an apprentice, but Sanz explains, “You’re free to explore as much as you want and you won’t have to attend to classes at the academy if you don’t want to. There will be times during the day when you will find a teacher in the classroom where you can report on your progress and request homework.

We will find more activities throughout our stay at Kitori Academy. “Exploring, fishing, catching bugs, and attending classes are things you can do on a daily basis, but there’s so much more,” Sanz says. You can spend time bonding with your cat with treats, pets, or mini-games. Some days you might think it will be a quiet day, but instead one of the academy’s classrooms is a complete mess, and it’s your job to clean up the goo that’s covered the floor and the walls.

kitori academy interview

Our courses include botany courses and spelling courses. The botany class sees us tending to our gardens and growing vegetables, but Sanz adds that the botany class might “surprise players because there’s a twist. There will not only be lessons on plants, but on some of the creatures living in harmony with nature. The spell class revolves around capturing magical creatures, as well as working on charms and potions. “One of the main responsibilities of a wizard is to care for people, creatures, and familiars,” adds Sanz. “The Alchemy of Healing class will be the perfect place for this. Apprentices will have to find magical remedies that involve harvesting, foraging, brewing potions, and other tasks.

On top of that, we’ll meet other apprentices and characters while exploring the academy, including a frog headmaster and a raccoon leader. “You interact differently with many apprentices; talk to them, listen to their stories and sometimes they will ask you for help,” Sanz begins. “You’ll even have to lend them a hand against a cheeky Tignis. There will be eight apprentices who can become best friends and have deeper stories. There are all kinds of weird and magical creatures that live in the academy. Many of them will be teachers, for example Mr. Hopinkson, the headmaster, a giant sloth frog, or Holmes, the wise owl who teaches spells.

kitori academy interview

What does the world look like?

Exploration seems to be an important part of Kitori Academy, and we’ll be exploring both the academy itself and the lands around it. “You live in a beautiful cottage outside the Apprentice Town Academy,” Sanz says. “Beyond the walls of the academy lies a vast and beautiful valley ready to be explored, with interesting secrets, creatures and places to discover and gather more ingredients for your potions… We can’t wait of [players] discover and interact with all the creatures in the valley and ride their brooms,” she adds.

Any news of Kitori Academy’s achievements?

We don’t have the achievements of Kitori Academy yet, but we’ll update here when we do! “We want the achievements to reflect the apprentice’s progression through the academy,” Sanz explains. “We will give achievements when players master different magic skills like potion brewing.” As for Sanz’s idea of ​​a list of ideal achievements: “I like achievements that reflect my progress in games, but my favorites are those that tell me I’ve taken a unique path.”

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