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New World places a lot of emphasis on its crafting mechanics, and players will spend a lot of time working on and improving their trading skills.

New World City Business Skills

New world, Amazon Games’ fantasy MMORPG, opened for gamers at the end of September 2021. Since then, gamers have enthusiastically explored the game’s island setting, leveled up and crafted better gear. New world places particular emphasis on its crafting mechanics, and all players can expect to spend a lot of time mastering the various trading skills.

Business skills, as opposed to weapons skills, cover all of these abilities in New world which are related to non-combat crafting. There are 17 in total, divided into three categories. The five gathering skills represent the different ways players can harvest raw materials in the natural world. Then, the five refining skills allow players to convert these raw materials into usable resources. Finally, the seven crafting skills allow players to transform refined materials into all kinds of different equipment and items.

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Gather skills in the new world

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The five gathering skills are the trading skills players will likely use the most in New world. This is because resources are scattered all over the island of Aeternum, so players can constantly scavenge new materials, whether they are questing, PvP, or exploring. Like all skills in New world, gathering skills gain XP just by using them, so the more a player gathers, the faster they will level up:

  • Mining: Allows players to collect metal ores and other valuable materials from New worldmining deposits and metal veins.
  • Tracking and skinning: Allows players to follow animals through the wilderness and collect the skins of their corpses.
  • Fishing: Allows players to catch freshwater and saltwater fish for cooking and other crafting recipes.
  • Registration: Allows players to identify and fell trees for timber, an extremely versatile crafting material.
  • Harvest: Allows players to gather herbs and other plants for potions and other crafting recipes.

Skills development in the new world

New World Where to find Voidmetal

Once players have collected their raw materials in New world, they will have to treat them with refining skills. Again, Refining skills gain XP just by being used, with higher level recipes giving comparatively higher numbers. For more info on the fastest way to level up, check out the Game Rant guide for New worldRefining skills.

  • Melting: Allows players to convert raw metal ore into mineable ingots.
  • Stone Size: Allows players to craft stone blocks for construction, as well as cut gems.
  • Leatherwork: Allows players to process hides and convert them into leather, an essential ingredient in many armor recipes.
  • Weaving: Allows players to spin raw plant fibers into fabric, a key step in the production of clothing.
  • The Woodcraft : Allows players to turn rough lumber into lumber, which is often used in crafting weapons, buildings, and engineering projects. Woodworking in New world is essential for Companies and stakeholder organizations.

Crafting skills in the New World

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The last of New worldThe business skills of ‘s are the craft skills, which represent the final step of the production process. Much like gathering and refining skills, crafting skills in the new world are upgraded as they are used, so players should make sure they craft as much as possible:

  • Manufacture of weapons: Allows players to craft melee weapons and whetstones to upgrade them.
  • Shielding: Allows players to craft armor and clothing, ranging from metal chain mail to a simple cloth robe.
  • Engineering: Allows players to craft ranged weapons like bows and muskets, as well as the ammo needed for their use. This means New worldEngineering is vital for players who want to focus on ranged combat.
  • Jewelry creation: Allows players to craft powerful trinkets using cut gems.
  • Arcana: Allows players to craft magical weapons like staffs and consumables like potions and tinctures.
  • Cooking: Allows players to transform organic matter into useful foods, drinks, and dyes.
  • Furnishings: Allows players to craft furniture, trophies, and storage chests for player housing.

New world is now available on PC.

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