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All crafting skills and how to level them up


Improving your crafting skills is crucial to being successful in the New World. Here is a complete guide to leveling each one.

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The joy of sandboxing is hard to describe in words, and that’s because it’s about doing things rather than a storyline or setting. New world has been compared to games like Runescape in that it offers a variety of ways to collect raw materials from the surrounding world and refine them into a variety of items. Craft and business skills in New world reward experience points, so that a character can reach maximum level without engaging in combat at all. If a player wants to take on the role of a cook, engineer, or tailor as a class role rather than honing their combat skills, the process of making New world makes this possible.

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There are a total of seven crafting skills in New world, and players level each of them in different crafting stations with different levels. Some locations in New world are at a more advanced stage of development than the others and will have higher level crafting stations than the others. Crafting isn’t just about the skills themselves, but the best ways to level them up.

Crafts in the New World

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Craft skills

  • Arcana. In a classless game, a character who uses their high Arcane skills to craft their primary weapons and an array of potions and weapon coatings can be an Arcanist, Alchemist, or Brewmaster. The various concoctions that can be created by Arcana can aid in combat, exploration, or any of the gathering skills.
  • Shielding. The refined materials needed for the armor process include metal, leather, cloth, as well as elemental particles or perks, so the materials needed for armor require the development of several other skills. Which crafting station a player uses to level up their armor skills depends on their own skill level and whether they’re crafting light, heavy, or medium armor.
  • Cooking. Players can cook over a campfire that they build themselves in the wild or they can use the kitchen at the nearest colony. The Cooking skill isn’t just used to create food to increase ability scores, weapon prowess, and crafting skills, it’s also how players can craft different dyes to customize their gear and skills. weapons.
  • Engineering. It’s not only the items with moving parts that are crafted with engineering skills, like guns and bows, but also repair kits and booster potions. Players can start improving their engineering skills even before they reach their first colony. Basic weapons and tools like wooden swords and harvesting tools can be crafted using the Engineering skill in a simple campsite.
  • Furnishings. This skill becomes more important later in the game when players can afford to buy houses that need chairs, tables, beds, and other amenities. Chests of various sizes can be crafted to increase a character’s overall storage space.
  • Jewelry store. A mix of skills in arcane, mining, smelting, and stonecutting is required to level jewelry. This crafting skill relies heavily on the Mining Skill, which players can level up by gathering Ore and Stone using a pickaxe.
  • Manufacture of weapons. Specifically, this is the skill needed to craft non-magic weapons. It means swords, shields, war hammers, two-handed axes and rapiers. Ore must be refined and smelted before it can be used to craft weapons. Often, other materials like leather, fabric fibers, dye and wood are also needed.

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Crafting stations and level levels

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  • Forge. The Forge is the crafting station for crafting armor and weapons. At level 1, this is a simple stone forge with a fire that can barely do more than just camp in the wild. At 5th level, this is an elaborate smithing operation capable of crafting the best endgame armor and weapons.
  • Workshop. On level 5 it is a beautiful log cabin style building with several different stations. The Workshop is home to the Armorer or Archer classes since all of their primary weapons are created here. It is also the furniture manufacturing area, which requires generous amounts of metal, wood and fabric.
  • Outfitter position. A mix of several different fine goods is needed in this workshop to complement light to medium armor, jewelry, and other useful items like larger bags. Characters that use cloth or leather armor will do most of their armor crafting here. Jewelry accessories can be crafted here using fine ingots, but gemstones must first be cut at a stonecutting station.
  • Arcane Depot. This crafting station includes a variety of items including both reagents and weapons, as well as a veritable catalog of useful potions. It is also the crafting station used to modify elemental particles from a variety of plants into reagents that can be used to craft high-level versions of weapons, armor, and tools. The potions, elixirs, solvents, and oils that can be brewed here have a wide variety of uses for defense, combat, and elemental resistance.
  • Food. The higher the level, the less it looks like an elaborate camp setup and more like a permanent indoor kitchen. Much of the materials needed for some of these high-level dishes only require the Gathering skill, and much of it tool-free if the player doesn’t mind visiting some of the abandoned farms that tend to line the roads near the colonies. Meat from hunting and fishing is used for rations as well as fish bait using a kitchen.

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How to level up crafting skills


Sources of raw materials

  • Collection skills: The process of loading the raw materials needed for manufacturing and refining depends on the five gathering skills. These include harvesting, fishing, mining, logging, tracking and butchering. Most of them require certain crafted tools, and there are perks, mods, and certain types of food that players can use to upgrade them.
  • Enemy loot: Enemies sometimes harvest certain types of raw materials, and more often than not they drop armor and weapons which can be scavenged for raw materials which can then be recycled into new items.
  • Recovery : Any type of attire, including jewelry, as well as weapons, can be salvaged for cash, repair materials, and sometimes raw materials that can be reused. This includes items that drop in battle or items that players have crafted themselves, and it’s also a way to empty bags or the old gear storage shed.
  • Quest rewards: Some quests related to crafting will reward the player with recipes, materials, and other useful items that can be used at some point in the crafting process. Quests can be a place to collect certain resources if they go to a certain area, and collecting resources means more experience points anyway.
  • The trading post: Players with additional coins to spend can still purchase raw or refined materials at the auction house. In case of unavailability of the material of your choice, it is possible to place an order form if anyone has extra ore, fabric fibers, or fish fillets.

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Crafting Boosts

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  • Potion. Engineers can create a Power booster potion to increase their collecting skills. The strength of the boost will depend on the level of the crafting station as well as the player’s engineering level. Other potions are made using the Arcana skill and can increase a character’s ability Congestion threshold so that they can transport more raw materials into nature.
  • Food. Once players reach level 3 cooking ability, they can cook food which can improve gathering and crafting skills while restoring their health and mana. Combat-related foods improve basic abilities like dexterity and strength, but there’s also a whole menu of unique dishes that can help with crafting or gathering.
  • Advantages. The random perks players can get when adding Azoth to an item during the crafting process. This can range from elemental damage to weapons, to increased resistance of armor or increased speed, yield and improved durability of harvesting tools.
  • Mods. There are a variety of crafting mods that players come across on their travels. They can be looted from chests and enemies, harvested from mining or herb nodes, or even included when scavenging rare or rare fish. Some of these can be used to refine harvesting tools to help collect raw materials more efficiently. They can also be used to apply special abilities to weapons and armor during the crafting process.

New world was released on September 28, 2021 and is available on PC.

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