Fishing skills

Anglers continue to test their skills

BIG RAPIDS – This is going to be tough for local anglers in the next few days.

“Most of the guys have indicated it will be their last weekend coming the (last) weekend,” said Tanner Havens of Frank’s Sport Goods in Morley. “They’re starting to get their boats out of the water and getting them winterized with this cold weather coming. He slows down but they find perch and walleye in the river.

“They’re finding a few, but it’s winding down I’m told.”

In the Big Manistee River, MNR said anglers have reported moderate numbers of rainbow trout in some areas of the river. Primary fishing methods included drifting with pearls and spawning, however, some anglers had luck using plugs and spinners. Recent rains and windy weather should help boost activity, the DNR said.

“There have been rainbow trout coming up the river,” a Tangled Tackle Co. spokesperson told Manistee. “I’ve heard a lot of reports. They do quite well on the beach as well as at the dock.

At Lake Manistee, southerly winds drove anglers away from the lake, MNR said. The few anglers who have had success trolling with spoons about 20 to 30 feet deep. Some rainbow trout catches have been reported.

“A little bit has happened in the rivers,” said Kyle Randall, host of Wilderness Journal TV, from Paris. “We’re going to start seeing more rainbow trout picking up in the rivers. But inland fishing practically died out with the cooling of the water.

Rob Eckerson of Pappy’s Bait Shop in Wellston agreed.

“The salmon continues to run its course,” Eckerson said. “There are still a few more to come. Many of them are old and tired. Steelhead was right behind them. The bite was a little disturbed by the barometric yo-yo effect. Despite that, it went pretty well. The wind is blowing so the perch fishermen have been kept at bay too. They got it from Portage Lake and Manistee Lake.