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Ark Genesis Honey Locations Guide

There’s no denying that honey is one of the most useful items in Ark Genesis Part 1. Honey can be consumed in its natural form by survivors. It is used in croquette recipes and sweet vegetable cakes. In addition, he is able to overpower hostile fish. It can be used as fishing bait when attached to the end of a fishing rod. There are also health benefits associated with it. Rats, for example, are mostly tamed using it.

Here is a quick guide to the different places you can find beehives to extract honey in Ark Genesis part 1.

Where to find honey production sites in Ark Genesis

Unlike other Ark DLCs, finding Honey is not so easy in Ark Genesis, Partial Hives are not easily found. Also, beehives there are in very limited supply, so you will have a hard time farming honey in Ark Genesis Part 1.

There are a few places where beehives can be found in Ark Genesis Part 1. You can find beehives in trees. Apart from that, you can also find beehives in the bog biome. These are very high places, and you may need to fly there to extract the honey from the hives. One thing you need to keep in mind when growing honey is that in high places you need to be fully focused because those places are also very dangerous.

Below we have marked and mentioned the coordinates where you can find and grow honey using bee hives:

These two places are very close to each other and here you will find beehives in tall trees

LAT 67

LON 76