Fishing skills

Ben McLemore and Robert Covington show off their NBA bubble fishing skills


NBA teams at two of the three hotels in the Disney Reboot Center near Orlando currently have access to special maritime privileges, including a two hour ‘guided fishing experience’ with up to five people.

The Houston Rockets, who are staying at the Grand Floridian, are among the lucky teams to have access now. And on Sunday afternoon, when the team didn’t practice until later that night, goaltender Ben McLemore and forward Robert Covington accepted the league’s offer.

On his Twitter page, a happy McLemore uploaded images and videos of him fishing with Covington and assistant track coach Motoki Fujii. All three seemed rather satisfied with their catch!

“We are enjoying life” McLemore wrote. Everyone on the boat wore masks, following NBA recommended safety protocols for off-court activities to minimize potential risks from COVID-19.

Athleticism‘s Fred katz recently wrote about the navigation options available to “bubble” players in Florida. Among the options:

Players and others present have two navigation options. Participants can participate in a “Guided Fishing Experience”, a two-hour trip with up to five people authorized. They cannot take alcohol on the boat. They can also hire motor pontoon boats, again, without taking alcoholic beverages on board.

Before the scrum begins on July 22, the memo notes, only teams located in two of the three hotels frequented by the NBA, the Grand Floridian and the Yacht Club, can use the boats. This means that teams staying at the Gran Destino – which includes the Bucks, Lakers, Clippers, Raptors, Nuggets, Celtics, Jazz and Heat – must wait two weeks before enjoying full marine privileges.

The Rockets aren’t among the eight teams that have to wait, so McLemore and Covington took full advantage of the opportunity. Considering how much fun they’ve had, expect a lot more players to try it out in the next few days.

“It’s gonna be a pro [at fishing] by the time we leave ”, Covington wrote.