Fishing skills

Boost for coastal communities as skills development and training eligible for funding under Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Scheme

The changing and evolving landscape of Ireland’s blue economy post-Brexit means that the skills needed for these types of jobs in coastal communities are also changing and evolving.

People already working in the blue economy who want to develop their careers or those who want to start working in the blue economy are invited to apply for training grants of up to €10,000 available under the Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Scheme from 25 million euros, which is administered by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM).

The blue economy covers a wide range of economic activities within coastal communities. In Ireland, around 1.9 million people live within 5km of the coast and many communities along the Irish coast depend on blue economy industries such as tourism, fishing and aquaculture.

In addition to providing funding of up to €200,000 for investment projects, the recently launched Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Scheme also provides funding of up to €10,000 per applicant for skills development and training.

Since many courses begin in the fall, BIM invites all interested parties to visit its website to learn more about available skills and development grants.

Brenda O’Riordan, Regional Officer at BIM, said having the right skills and training can help companies manage change and the growing need to be more flexible and adaptable in the blue economy of ‘today.

“One of the certainties for anyone working today is the need to be able to adapt to change,” she said. “For example, having digital skills is increasingly important for many seafood companies and other businesses in the blue economy, as more and more transactions are done online. an example of where an individual could really improve their skills for the benefit of themselves and the wider coastal community.

The Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Scheme is an Irish government initiative and is administered by BIM. The aim of this new scheme is to help address the economic and social impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union for businesses operating in the blue economy and located in communities within 10 km from the coast.

The program has a budget of €25 million available in 2022 and 2023, funded by the EU Brexit Adjustment Reserve. For more details, visit