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With the final season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War live now, there’s a whole new set of information to gather in Forsaken and Outbreak.


Post-launch support for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War coming to an end, Treyarch turning his attention to Call of Duty: The VanguardZombies mode. However, while Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players can complete the main Forsaken quest to see how the story ends, they can also get information that indicates where the story will take place next.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans have already discovered that a piece of news is supposed to hint at something Call of Duty: The Vanguard Zombies, so some of the other intelligence will probably do the same. With Call of Duty With the 2023 iteration of Zombies also teased by Forsaken’s final cutscene, it looks like Survival mode fans have a lot to look forward to. For those interested, all the information from Season 6 can be found below.

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Intel discontinued


Forsaken has a fair amount of information to collect, although almost half of it is RNG-related document drops. Much of it is related to Easter Eggs as well, which means players will get a lot of items just by naturally playing Forsaken. All card information can be seen below.

  • Documents: As always, these fall by killing mini-bosses. Players can get up to two per match, and it will take multiple matches to get all the items.
  • Requiem Audio diary 1: In the area where players spawn, this can be found on a white crate. The crate is against a truck and a shipping container.
  • Requiem Audio Log 2: In the bar opposite Burger Town, it’s right on the counter. One of Forsaken’s pizza delivery points can be found in the right corner of the bar.
  • Requiem Audio Log 3: If the players enter the office near the amplifier, it will be directly in front of them. He is leaning against a desk.
  • Requiem Audio Log 4: On the roofs of Storage Area 5, players can find it on wooden crates at the top level of the roof (NOTE: This only appears after destroying the three orbs around the roof crystal, which is a stage of the Forsaken main quest).
  • Omega Audio Log 1: As soon as players teleport from the spawn and into the facility, they will see a white wicket. Against the side of the cabin this log can be seen.
  • Omega Audio Log 2: This log can be found directly to the left of the teleporter that players need to repair. It sits under the red overhang of the building next to the teleporter.
  • Omega Audio Log 3: Before players descend the steps of The Amplifier, this log can be found to their right. He is against a yellow balustrade.
  • Omega Audio Log 4: After players detonate the ARC-XD during the arcade stage of the main quest, this log can be found on the counter in the TV store.
  • Maxis Audio Journal 1: In the Video Store with the Mule Kick machine, a model with a pink shirt is seen shopping. The audio diary is on the shelf at his foot.
  • Maxis Audio Log 2: In Beach Pizza, players can find a counter to the left of the Stamin-Up machine. If they look over the counter, they will see the audio log hanging on the edge. It can be shot and picked up.
  • Maxis Audio Log 3: Once players build the Chrysalax Wonder weapon, they can collect this audio log. It falls to the ground once the Chrysalax can be picked up.
  • Dark Aether Artifact 1-3: These are the pieces collected during the side quest where players build the Chrysalax.
  • Dark Aether Artifact 4: This is the shard you get after feeding and killing the Abomination in the main quest.
  • Requiem Artifact 1: Players will get this piece of information when they first collect the Chrysalax magic weapon, as it is the Chrysalax itself.
  • Requiem Artifact 2-5: These four pieces are tied to the Neutralizer and will be acquired when players make the Easter Egg from the main quest.

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Intel on the Season 6 outbreak


While Outbreak will reportedly get some Halloween-themed content once the Haunting event arrives, fans of the open world mode can get other bits of information in the mode right now. Their locations are as follows.

  • Maxis radio transmissions: There are two new transmissions for Maxis to collect, and they can be found in the same places as always. Each region has a transmission point, and they can be seen below (NOTE: only one can be picked up in each match).
    • Ruka: Dacha Creek, found in the red house on the kitchen sink.
    • Golova: On the top floor, bedroom of the large white house in the Maisons Rurales district.
    • Armada: In the auxiliary deck of the main ship on a desk.
    • Collateral: In the Ruined City, players can walk through a solar panel to get to the Café. The information focused on Maxis is here.
    • zoo: In the blue building of the industrial complex to the west of the map, it is on a desk on the top floor.
    • Duga: To the left of the administrative office stairs, a small office is located. The Maxis radio is here next to other green radios.
    • Sanatorium: In the white building of the Place du Marché, it’s on white boxes.
    • Alpine: In the left-most Hillside cabin, it is on the right side of the ground floor.
  • Documents: There are four new documents to collect in Season 6, and they are removed from mini-bosses like Manglers and Mimics or a Golden Chest. Players can get two per game.
  • Black Ether Audio Logs: Two Dark Aether logs can be earned through the Trials machine. Both can be obtained through Intel Trials in the same game.
  • Requiem Zoo Artifact: Inside the gas station with the crafting table in the southern part of the map, this item can be found. It’s Weaver’s eye patch, and it’s located behind the red counter inside the station.
  • Zoo Requiem Audio Diary: If players head to the armor stand near the Wolf Exhibit and Polar Bear Exhibit, they can find this audio log. It’s in the building that the armor rack rests against and is under a bench to the left as soon as players walk through the door.
  • Duga Omega audio diary: In the bunker of the crafting table to the north of the map, this item can be found. If players go through the door to their left, it is against the wall to the left of some machines.
  • Duga Omega Artifact: At the entrance to the Duga base where a pointy statue can be seen, there will be a ticket office. Inside this stand is Jager’s identity card.
  • Ruka Maxis audio diary: In the center of the map, right next to one of Outbreak’s fishing spots, players can climb a large red tower. On the upper level of the Creek Overlook tower, this information can be retrieved.
  • Ruka’s Dark Aether Artifact: At the jump to the northeast of the map, just next to the map boundary, a tree stump can be found. The area is called the crest of the hill, and the object on the stump is an archaic goblet.
  • Golova Requiem Artifact: At the Lower Hillside to the west of the map, players can find a Power Box if they stick to the dirt road. On this box is the Tesla Storm Canister.
  • Golova Black Aether Artifact: In the Pack-A-Punch building in Golova, players can find this piece of information on the second floor. It’s on the right side of this floor, and players must go through the door on the left. The PhD Slider can is on the table.
  • Alpine Omega Artifact: If players descend from the Hillside huts south of the map, they will find a bathroom. In the right stall closest to the tracks is a contaminated crystal.
  • Alpine Dark Aether Artifact: At Upper Run 14, near Secluded Glove, a hut can be found that hides Zykov’s mask inside. The area is to the north.
  • Sanatorium Dark Aether Artifact: In the Yellow Suites building right in the middle of the map, players can find a kitchen if they go through the door closest to the road. Near the sink is an empty Death Perception canister.
  • Sanatorium Requiem Artifact: In the Marketplace, which is in the southwest corner of the map, players can find Requiem’s ​​Director’s Cup. It’s in the yellow building on one of the tables.

For now, it remains to be seen whether Call of Duty: The Vanguard The zombie information will take a format similar to that used in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Either way, fans have a lot of collecting to do if they are to get all of the lore-focused items added in Season 6.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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