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Classic Fire Emblem activities we want to return to in Fire Emblem: Engage

In Fire Emblem: Engage, you must protect the vast world of Elyos. By working with your Emblem Ring friends and partners, you will be able to successfully complete battles and defeat your enemies. But when you’re not fighting with your elegant rings, your unit, Alear, will have the opportunity to relax and explore the central world of Engage. Although initially vacant and quiet, this scenic spot has the potential to become lively and exciting. With new lands, shops, and a castle to explore, one wonders what kinds of activities might return from past Fire Emblem games.

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Will they be fun? Will they be tedious? Anyway, here are some activities that we would appreciate finding in Fire Emblem: Engage.


10/10 Cast your line, it’s fishing time!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses gave you plenty of new and exciting activities to enjoy when you weren’t teaching or fighting. One of those many activities was fishing, a mini-game at the press of a button that yielded, well, fish. As simple as this mini-game is, it could sometimes be difficult to get a perfect score if you got a little off.

The return of fishing in Fire Emblem: Engage would mean having emergency meals on the table and a salable product in the market. Engaging doesn’t have to make fishing harder, but it would be nice if there were more fishing spots in the game’s hub world. Maybe having different ponds could mean having more unique fish and specials to catch.

9/10 To the arena!

The Arena was a place in Fire Emblem: Fates where you could take a bet and try to increase your resources. The longer you resume combat with your selected characters, the stronger the enemy has become and the greater the rewards. Sometimes you can even enter an arena fight with a partner and deal double damage!

The return of the arena in Fire Emblem: Engage will allow you to take the same risk and have the chance to increase either your products, or your weapons, or your money. You could even ask your Emblem Ring partner to help you in battles! Now that sounds like a show.

8/10 Design and defend your castle!

A fun feature of Fire Emblem: Fates was the ability to build and design your own base camp. Acting as your hub world between battles, “My Castle” was where Corrin could rest, talk to his allies, gather ingredients, and even go to the hot spring! Sometimes you even had to defend your Castle against mysterious unknown forces!

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As seen in the Engage trailer, Alear will already have a large hub world to explore. It would be cool if in this new area you had the ability to choose which features you want to include. You can also design it to have a formidable defense system, perfect in case enemies get too close.

7/10 Shop till you drop in the Accessory Shop

The Accessory Shop was one of the buildings you could include in your castle in Fire Emblem: Fates. As the name suggests, this shop was where you could buy accessories such as hats, goggles, masks, and shields. These items could then be given to your units to help reduce their damage or increase the damage they could cause. In some cases, the given accessory could also increase the likelihood of a unit appearing in other stores or areas.

If the Accessory Shop were to return to Engage, accessories seen on other Fire Emblem characters could be purchased and worn by units. We already know that units can change outfits, so why not give them a store where they can expand their customization options?

6/10 Explore the new world

There was nothing quite like entering Garreg Mach for the first time and seeing all the new areas Three Houses had to offer. And, while this sort of grandiose navigation could get tedious at times, it still gave the game a substantial openness. Typical world exploration might seem a bit cliché in a Fire Emblem game, but what if it could be improved upon?

The gameplay of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, for example, included dungeon crawling and was able to balance the two with turn-based combat. Having that kind of exploration in Engage can help flesh out and show Elyos. Also, wouldn’t it be cool if you could explore outside of your hub world and enter other Fire Emblem worlds via some type of Emblem Ring magic?

5/10 Hit the books!

Tutoring was one of the main activities in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As Garreg Mach’s teacher, Byleth’s job was to help his students (and fellow faculty members) in different areas of weaponry. Under Byleth’s tutelage, members of all three houses were given the opportunity to enhance their abilities. Tutoring was a convenient way to gain experience in certain weapon types without necessarily having to participate in missions and battles.

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If tutoring were to return to Engage, it could be used for the same purpose of maximizing a character’s learned skills. And, after being asleep for centuries, Alear probably has a lot of schooling to catch up on!

4/10 Snack attack!

Sharing a meal was a must-do activity in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Three Hopes. After acquiring a certain combination of ingredients, whether through fishing, shopping, or foraging, you can invite your allies to have a quick meal with you. Sometimes the two characters you chose would even have unique dialogue!

If Meals were to return to Engage, then you’ll be able to get closer to your allies and be able to unlock their support conversations faster. It’s a simple activity, but one that reminds us to slow down, eat a meal, and enjoy the mundane things in life.

3/10 Here is the choir

Choir practice was another activity offered in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Located in the Cathedral of Garreg Mach, this activity allowed Byleth to sing with their students and colleagues. Not only could Byleth improve his faith and authority skills, he could also get closer to the two allies they invited. On top of that, chosen allies have also gained faith experience!

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Having a choir practice, or some type of singing practice, can help boost team morale while improving a character’s magical abilities. Maybe in the world of Engage you can also sing outside as well as inside.

2/10 It’s time to win big!

Back in Fire Emblem: Fates, there was a luck-based activity located in a small store called the Lottery Shop. Every day, you would be eligible to enter a lottery hosted by one of your teammates for a chance to win big. Sometimes the lottery rewarded simple items like fish or cabbage, but other times you might receive something amazing, like a silver sword or a shuriken.

Even if you couldn’t do this activity often, it was good to check in once or twice a day just to see if you might get lucky. Hopefully, if this activity returns to Engage, we won’t have to pay any real extra money to get better items.

1/10 Nothing like a snack

Tea Parties were another team bonding activity that originated in Three Houses. After starting a Tea Party with an ally, you’ve been tasked with providing a great cup of tea as well as impactful conversation. If done correctly, you will be rewarded with a Perfect Tea Time as well as an additional Charm point. Tea Time allowed you to further strengthen your relationships with different characters and enjoy downtime outside of school, missions, and war.

His return to Engage would not only retain one of Three Houses (and technically Three Hopes) most memorable activities, but also allow you to further improve your support level. Plus, it was a great way to celebrate an ally’s birthday.

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