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Daedric War Celebration Event Guide

elder scrolls online traditionally holds special events every year to commemorate past DLC – the Daedric War Celebration is one such holiday, which commemorates the Morrowwind Chapter, the clockwork city Downloadable content, and the Sunset Chapter with unique rewards, event-themed activities, and special modifiers that encourage players to revisit these locations.

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The Daedra war, of course, lasted two years elder scrolls online scenario that began in 2017 with the Morrowwind Chapter and culminated with the Sunset chapter, with clockwork city DLC tucked in between. Daedric War Celebration 2022 runs from January 20 to February 1, 2022 – a total of 13 in-game days to participate in this event and earn its unique rewards.


How to Get Daedric War Celebration Event Tickets

ESO Daedric War Celebration Scales of Akatosh Skin

Event tickets for everyone elder scrolls online holidays are used to purchase specific rewards from the event impresario, usually found outside the gates of most major cities. Event tickets for the Daedric War Celebration can be obtained in two ways: by completing the Morrowind and Clockwork City dailies, and by completing the Summerset dailies.

  • Morrowind Dailies: ashes and Morag Tong the daily newspapers are in Ald’ruhn north of Balmora and in the Temple Canton of Vivec, respectively. Complete the “Ancestral Bonds” quest in Ald’ruhn to gain access to the Ashlander Dailies. No prior quest is required for the Morag Tong dailies.
  • Clockwork City Dailies: The four Dailies can be found in Brazen Fortress, either Slag Town or inside the Fortress himself. Complete the “Lost in the Gloam” quest to unlock all dailies.
  • Summerset Dailies: The three dailies are in the town of Alinor, either Rinmawen Square Where in front of the royal palace of Alinor. No prerequisite quests are required for these dailies.

Players can get up to two event tickets each day, one from the Morrowind or Clockwork City dailies, and the other from the Summerset dailies. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get both from a single area, so be prepared to do the intro quest for each DLC if it hasn’t already been completed. Since the event lasts 13 days, a total of 26 event tickets can be acquired.

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Daedric War Event Ticket Rewards

Event Tickets are used to purchase special rewards from the Impresario, who offers select items for each in-game holiday. For the Daedric War Celebration, the Impresario is offering a variety of new items, including a new pet company and the ability to start crafting a rare skin. Although the exact prices for these are unknown, it is usually possible to obtain the main rewards during the duration of the event.

  • Each Soulfire Dragon Ilusion shard, which combines to form a new non-combat pet
  • The Aureate Anointing Oils, Akatosh’s first scaleskin fragment
  • Evergloam Champion Weapon Patterns
  • Gloam Gryphon Young non-combat pet
  • Group Repair Kits

Daedric War Loot Boxes in 2022

ESO Daedric War Celebration Soulfire Gloam Gryphon Pet

A Daedric War Loot Box contains a variety of possible rewards and can be earned during the event in multiple ways. Every event in ESO offers a version of this box, although the rewards are event-specific, so you won’t get Jester’s Festival items from a Daedric War box.

The rewards from each Spoils Box are completely random, though they usually include event-themed cosmetics, crafting materials, and shards that can then be combined into unique items.

Earning Daedric War Loot Boxes

The primary way players will receive their boxes is by completing quests and killing mobs in Morrowind, Clockwork City, or Summerset Isles. They can also be earned by completing daily quests in each area. The first box of Daedric War Loot earned each day from a Daily Quest will be “Glorious” and have a much higher chance of rare rewards.

  • Complete the Daedric War Celebration intro quest, normal quests, and daily quests
  • Complete digs and kill both regular enemies and world bosses
  • Open chests and boxes in each area, including Psijic portals, thieves’ treasures, and even crafting material nodes
  • Closure of abyssal geysers in Summerset
  • Kill bosses in Asylum Sanctorum, Cloudrest Trials, or Halls of Fabrication Trials

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Daedric War Loot Box Rewards

There are a number of rewards that can drop from a Daedric War Loot Box, ranging in rarity from common crafting materials to extremely rare patterns and pet shards. The first one earned each day from a daily quest has a higher chance of getting rare goods like pet shards or style patterns, so be sure to complete at least one for that box of improved loot and an event ticket.

  • Style Pages: Evergloam Champion (weapon) and Snowhawk Mage (armor)
  • Rune boxes: Slag Town Diver skin and Thetys Ramarrys bait kit
  • Pet Parts: Microtized Verminous Fabricator Fragments and Young Gloam Gryphon Runebox
  • Item sets: Morrowwind, clockwork city, and Sunset land sets and styles
  • Reasons for the article: Morrowwind, clockwork city, and Sunset patterns
  • treasure maps: For Morrowwind, clockwork city, and Sunset zones only
  • Other: Gold, Vendor Treasures, Crafting Materials, Transmutation Crystals,

Other bonuses during the Daedric War Celebration 2022

Sunset from ESO

In addition to event ticket rewards and Daedric War Spoils Box content, there are a number of other bonuses players can take advantage of during the Daedric War Celebration. These bonuses only affect the Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset areas, so don’t go looking around Glenumbra or the Stonefalls for harvest nodes and world bosses.

The event is a chapter-based event, so like other DLC Memorial Holidays, players can expect to receive these rewards. Events like Midyear Mayhem and the Witches’ Festival offer bonuses like XP gain and PvP boosts, but the Daedric War Celebration is mostly about loot and other material rewards.

  • The reward boxes for the Dailies in each zone (not including the Daedric War Loot Box) are doubled
  • Harvesting nodes grant double crafting materials (except for fishing holes)
  • World Bosses, Delve Bosses, and Trial Bosses drop more loot during the event
  • Vvardenfell and Clockwork City Public Dungeons have a small chance to drop Doctrine Ordinator Outfit Style Pages
  • Asylum Sanctorum and Halls of Fabrication Trials final bosses will still drop Doctrine Ordinator Outfit Style Pages

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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