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Dane County-based fishing guide remains closed


The Wisconsin fishery opened two weeks ago, while some Dane County fishing guides remain closed.

Noah Humfeld of Cottage Grove owns and operates the Madison Angling Guide Service in Dane County. It’s normally one of his busiest times of the season.

“Spring is a big part of what keeps the train rolling. Especially here in Wisconsin,” Humfeld said. “Walleye fishing is very popular. It is usually a springtime activity. It is a great success for many of us.

Humfeld has not been able to make any guides since March, when the pandemic hit. He had to turn down business and estimates paid business at seven-eight thousand dollars.

“A slow week for me is probably four days a week that I’m guiding, but generally it’s five to seven days a week,” Humfeld said of what May normally looks like. for his business.

Humfeld knows he could travel to neighboring counties like Jefferson and Columbia and legally operate his business. He decided to wait until Dane County Safer At Home orders were completed.

“There are a lot of other guides operating here in Madison and we’re just waiting for things to improve,” Humfeld said.

He still interacts with customers and other anglers through his YouTube page. Humfeld tries to post one video per week of his fishing trips. He uses his videos to help maintain interest in his business once it’s cleared to reopen.

“Having a plan, knowing that it could happen again in the future, I think, will open my eyes a lot and it has impacted my business and me,” Humfeld said.