Fishing guide

Dinkum fishing guide, all the fish and where to catch them

Our Dinkum fishing guide is exactly what you need if you want to hook fish friends. Learning to fish in Dinkum is crucial to your success in the farming game, as not only do the fish fetch a big profit when sold, but they’re also crucial to filling your museum.

This is the case in most games in life, so if you’re used to playing games like Animal Crossing, this concept will be familiar to you. Dinkum does things a little differently when it comes to its fishing mechanics, so if you’re ready to trawl your way to success, here’s how to fish like an angling pro.

How to get your fishing rod

Dinkum’s fishing rod can be found in the Tools category alongside shovels, nets, and pickaxes. Dinkum’s tools can all be purchased from John in his tent/shop at varying prices. But, before you can run around and spend your Dinks, you need to visit Fletch at the town hall to get specific tool licenses. To do this, you will need license points.

Permit Points are the currency used for tools and skills in Dinkum and can be earned through various activities such as grilling meat or gathering fruit, as well as small daily tasks such as walking a certain distance in the game or smelt specific ores. Fletch will sell you a level one fishing license for 250 license points.

Once you have the license, you can visit John in the visitor’s tent to purchase the basic fishing rod for a reasonable price of 1260 Dinks, so make sure you have enough before your visit.

How to upgrade your fishing rod

Upgrading your fishing rod in Dinkum will allow you to catch fish more easily. Players can upgrade their fishing rod by purchasing upgraded fishing licenses, which are earned by engaging in the fishing mini-game. The more you fish, the more levels you gain and the closer you get to unlocking a better license. The fish you catch daily will match and level you up when you sleep at night.

At fishing level 5, you can purchase a level 2 fishing license for 1,000 license points. With this you can craft the copper fishing rod with 2 copper bars and a basic fishing rod.

At fishing level 10, you can purchase a level 3 fishing license for 3,000 license points. With this you can craft the iron fishing rod with 2 iron bars and a copper fishing rod.

Dinkum fishing guide: How to fish in Dinkum - a character fishing in a river

How to fish

Now that you have your fishing rod, it’s time to learn how to fish in Dinkum. Before we jump straight into casting, it’s worth noting that fishing costs stamina, so it’s essential to keep an eye on your stamina meter so you don’t pass out or be ambushed by crocs that pass. If you run out of stamina, you can replenish it by preparing and eating food.

When you’re ready to cast your line, equip your rod and find a spot where you can see the fish swimming. Unlike other simulators, fish aren’t just static animations and will require calculated shots to get their attention. It may take a few tries to get it right!

Press and hold the left click to start the casting motion; the longer you hold, the farther the bobber will fly. Releasing the left click will cast your line. Once your bobber has captured a fish’s attention, it will start nibbling, which will cause the bobber to dip slightly below the surface of the water. Avoid staggering for now. Once the bobber is fully underwater, it’s time to engage.

As the fish pulls against the rod, hold it tight, and as the line loosens, start spooling in by holding the left click. Continue this process until the fish is in your possession. If you want to give up your throw, you can right-click and it will bring your bobber back towards you.

One thing to note is that your fishing rod only has a certain amount of pulling power, so avoid constantly reeling it as the fish will slip off the hook and the line will automatically pull. But remember to reel in when the line gets loose because a slack line lets the fish loose and you’ll have to start casting again. Fortunately, if you fail, the fish will still swim, ready for you to try again.

Dinkum fishing guide: The eyed sturgeon in the fishpedia

List of Dinkum fish

Below is Dinkum’s complete fish-pedia. Keep in mind that Dinkum operates on a seasonal clock, which means certain fish will only spawn in specific biomes at certain times of the year. The good news is that, unlike Animal Crossing, you’re not tied to a real-world clock, and by sleeping you can cause new seasons in 28 days if you wish.

Below is the full Dinkum fish-pedia:

  • Jellyfish and sharks cannot be fished but can be attacked.
  • Creatures can also be found in the water – these require diving or trapping.
Fish Biome Season Time taken
Anchovy Southern Oceans Autumn winter Morning evening
Banded morwong North/South Oceans Winter All day
Barco Grunter Rivers/Billabongs/Mangroves All seasons All day
Barracuda Northern Oceans Fall/Spring/Summer Night
Barramundi rivers Fall/Winter/Spring All day
black and white snapper North/South Oceans Autumn Spring Midday
black fish Rivers/Billabongs Spring All day
Blobfish Southern Oceans Autumn winter Night
Flat head with blue dots North/South Oceans Summer/Autumn/Spring Morning/noon
Bluefish North/South Oceans All seasons All day
bony tongue billabongs All seasons All day
Boofhead Catfish Mangroves Summer/Autumn/Spring Night
Carp Rivers/Mangroves All seasons All day
Eeltail catfish Mangroves All seasons All day
Eyed sturgeon Northern Oceans Summer/Spring All day
Galaxies rivers Winter All day
Garfish North/South Oceans Winter spring All day
Goat Fish Southern Oceans Summer/Spring All day
golden perch rivers Spring Morning
Shadow Rivers/Billabongs Autumn winter Midday
jungle perch Rivers/Billabongs All seasons All day
Luderick Northern Oceans Winter Midday
Mangrove trevally Mangroves All seasons All day
Marine Southern Oceans Autumn winter Midday
Murray Cod rivers Winter spring Morning
river bass Rivers/Mangroves Summer/Spring All day
Saratoga billabongs Summer autumn Night
Short-finned eel billabongs All seasons Night
silver perch Rivers/Billabongs Autumn winter All day
Ray Northern Oceans Summer autumn Night
Tarpon billabongs All seasons All day
Worked Northern Oceans Autumn Spring All day
yellowfin tuna North/South Oceans Autumn Spring Morning evening

What is the fish for in Dinkum?

With our tips, you should have an inventory full of fish, and you’re probably wondering what you can do with your loot. John the trader will buy fish from you at varying prices, some as high as 20,000 Dinks. Beyond that, you can also visit Theodore once you’ve built the museum and donate it for 100 license points per room. Some tasks or bulletin board visitors may also ask you to find a specific fish for them, so it might be worth keeping any fish that seem rarer just in case.

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