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Welcome to our ‘Far Cry 6: What is Special Ops?’ to guide. This Far Cry 6 guide page contains the most crucial Special Ops information. We cover how to launch special missions, their general objectives, how to accompany PG-240X containers being carried, and the prices for completing them.

Far Cry 6: What are these special ops exactly?

Far Cry 6: What are Special Ops?

Special Ops are large-scale operations that can be replayed multiple times on separate maps, with the operation failing if you leave too soon. A single special operation should take you 20-30 minutes. For higher rewards, repeat the process on different difficulty levels. A PG-240X container is required to evacuate the area.

Special Ops allow you to use all of your weapons, gadgets, gear, and Supremos earned through the campaign. The higher your character’s rating, the better your chances of completing a difficult special mission.

Special Ops can only be used online and tied to game servers. They can be completed alone. However, having a partner can simplify the process.

Far Cry 6: How to start an operation?

Far Cry 6: What are Special Ops?

Visit Lola in guerrilla hideouts to start special missions. These are Montero Farm, Patriotas Peak, and Camp Maximas in Valle De Oro.

Special Ops will appear after talking to Lola. You have options here:

  • Go for a particular operation – Each operation takes place in a different location, but they all aim to recover the PG-240X container.
  • You can start with a standard difficulty, but you can unlock higher difficulties called mastery levels.
  • Difficulty increases the player’s disadvantages. For example, the PG-240X container may heat up faster and you may have fewer lives.
  • Optional cooperation with a buddy or a random person discovered through correspondence.

Far Cry 6: How to find PG-240x during the operation?

Far Cry 6: What are Special Ops?

The inability to use a map to confirm your location is one of the most difficult aspects of Special Ops. Only use cards found in the mission. The first is at the start, and there are others in various crowded places. As you look at the map, note the following mentioned below:

  • the main direction of travel – use a compass to check your route.
  • Smaller paths and sites along the way – During Operations, you can visit additional regions and complete secondary tasks like discovering treasure containers or rescuing rebels.
  • the main target is the PG-240X container.

You may encounter patrols or predators on your way to the goal (eg crocodiles or eagles). Ambush enemy troops, but don’t warn all enemies too early, as this will complicate the job.

Always aim for the large region containing the PG-240X. Due to high security, some scouting may be beneficial. Identify all visible adversaries, alarms and security cameras. You must also try to disrupt the security systems, otherwise an alert will call for reinforcements, including helicopters, which are difficult to destroy.

While scouting, find the FND commander. To receive an access card, you must kill and loot it.

You must discover a huge refrigerated box containing the PG-240X weapon. Use the card to open the crate and remove the contents.

Far Cry: How to escape with the PG-240X during the operation itself?

The PG-240X container must not overheat or it could explode, killing you and causing the operation to fail. The current temperature of the device is indicated by large lights after removal from inventory. You do not have to travel with the container still open. During combat, you can hide it in your inventory and then select it again from the weapon wheel.

The container heats up only in the sun. That you should seek refuge and travel in darkness as much as possible. This should keep the container warm.

Plan your return route, as you must return to the starting point. Seek shade and places to cool the container (more on this below). Even while shooting opponents and dodging their shots, keep an eye out for the container.

Unfortunately, hiding in the shadows won’t cool the container. Water is the only way to cool the PG-240X container.

Look for the water droplet indicator on the radar. Small water tanks or barrels. Using these will reset the container to its original state, turning off all temperature lights.

Returning to the starting position is not sufficient to complete the special procedure. You must protect yourself and defeat all opponents in the area. Here are some tips for guaranteed success:

  • Before the enemy approaches, look for dark places to hide. If an opponent throws a grenade at you, you may be surrounded or forced to change position.
  • Use a silenced weapon for as long as you can to avoid detection. Only use heavier weapons when found.
  • Check enemy locations via radar. They can attack from multiple angles, so keep an eye on your back.
  • At least one helicopter will enter the fray. This is best achieved by immobilizing the helicopter with the Volta supremo and eliminating the crew before they respawn.

A cutscene shows you leaving the operation area and the recap screen appears if you survive the fight.

Far Cry 6: What are the rewards for completing Special Ops?

Some prizes require special procedures. You’ll get the Overheated achievement for completing your first Special Operation, as well as Stay Cool, Hidden Cash, and Termination Phase trophies for particular activities throughout the Operation.

Every single action earns you Moneda, money you can use to buy black market goods at Lola’s shop. You can get new weapons, outfits, and cosmetics for your guns and rides.

Complete special missions to get random Los Bandidos recruits, weapons and clothing. So you never have to guess what you will receive.

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