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Father’s Day gift guide: summer beers

Some dads find it difficult to buy gifts. Unless your dad doesn’t like beer, there’s a simple answer to that question this Father’s Day: buy your dad a four or six pack of a summer beer. He will appreciate it and you will feel good offering him a refreshment. Here’s a roundup of some summer beers to spoil your dad.

Karbach Brewing Co. Rodeo Clown IPA, prices vary by retailer

A Family Pack of Rodeo Clown IPA includes a Double IPA, an Imperial Hazy IPA and an Imperial Tropical IPA. “The inspiration for this hoppy drink came from the dangerous but exciting work of a Karbach founder’s father-in-law, who was a legendary rodeo clown,” says marketing manager David Graham. “Knowing that he and so many others have challenging and dangerous careers, we set out to create a beer that would honor that risk and give them something to enjoy after a hard day’s work.” If your dad or stepdad has a dangerous job, he might enjoy it as a gift.

Funkytown Brewery Summertime Chi, $14/pack of 4

This black-owned Chicago brewery has captured everything they love about the city in summer in this zesty little beer. Your dad will appreciate this session beer with its notes of citrus zest, cilantro and a subtle hint of clove that pairs well with barbecue, fried pickles and anything poolside.

Sun King Brewery & Spirits Summer Hop Variety Pack, $17.99

If your dad likes his refreshment on the hoppy side, then the Sun King Summer Hop Variety Pack might be the perfect gift for him. The tasty pack includes the new Cosmic Chicken beer, which is new and exclusive to the pack; Fan favorite GFJ ahead of its July 1st seasonal release, Rainbow Haze and Keller Haze.

Brewer’s Kitchen Courtesy of Copenhagen, $16/pack of 4

Courtesy of Copenhagen is a collage of ingredients that perfectly embody the quintessence of summer: lemon, strawberry and aromatic lavender, all wrapped in a supremely approachable, albeit bowing, 6% pale ale . What will make your dad happiest with this beer is that despite its sturdy profile, he’ll be able to sip a pint all day and choose different shades in the summer sun.

Pilsner Urquell Golden Lager, prices vary by retailer

This Czech beer is still brewed in its original brewery in Prague. The world’s first golden pilsner, it’s perfect for summer sipping, and it’s been the favorite beer of dads for over a century, including my own father. It pairs perfectly with grilled meats of all kinds, so share one with your dad on the grill.

Bad Dad Brewing Co. For favor, $12.99

If your dad is a bad dad – and you know he is – then you might want to get a beer brewed by the original bad dad, Barry Howard, and his two sons, Patrick and Derek. Bad Dad’s latest offering, Pour Favor, is a Mexican-style lager with a 5% ABV. Light and crisp, it’s time to party in the backyard.

Redhook Brewery Lagersquatch, prices vary by retailer

This new session beer combines traditional lager malts with hops and techniques typically associated with the Pacific Northwest, West Coast IPAS style. It’s a crisp, easy-drinking beer your dad might enjoy on fishing trips or somewhere in the northern woods.

Goose Island Beer Co.312 Shandy Lemonade, $10.25/6-pack

If your dad needs a shandy to sip in the shade, try Goose Island’s 312 Lemonade Shandy, a refreshing mix of 312 and Italian lemon gelato. If you want more than lemonade, get a variety pack, which also includes 312 Strawberry Lemonade Shandy and 312 Grapefruit Shandy.

Juicy peach from Leinenkugel, $9.99/pack of 12

Leinie’s Juicy Peach is a Goldilocks kind of sour beer – it’s sour, but not too sour, balanced with the taste of natural peaches. This is an easy drinking beer that is made for sipping on a hot day.

Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart, $9.99-11.99 / 6-pack

This award-winning wheat beer is practically bursting with mango flavor. It’s the first in a series of beers inspired by Los Angeles’ iconic fruit cart vendors. “Made with real mangoes, its unique flavor profile makes it the best drink to encourage all dads,” says Hannah Barnett, brand manager.

Blue Moon Brewing Company Moon Haze, $9.99/6-pack

Blue Moon Juicy Hazy Lager is the first hazy beer brewed with whole dried oranges, which add a delicious brightness to the brew. If your dad likes oranges, then this is the beer for him.