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finds more than 500 violations of Living Aquatic Resources Law in September | Oman time

Muscat: The number of violations of the Living Aquatic Resources Act that have been monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Wealth and Water Resources, represented by the Fisheries Control and Licensing Department , during the month of September, reached 569.

The Omani News Agency reported: The number of offenses was split between failure to extract, renew or hold licenses to exercise, boats, ships, transport and trade (340) , the use or possession of prohibited fishing equipment and gear (37) and the hunting or possession of lobster. out of season, or the hunt for young egg-laden lobster, two offences.

Fishing or possession of shrimp out of season resulted in (5) infractions, and (121) due to fishing in prohibited areas and lack of placards on boats and vessels (31 ) offenses, (10) offenses for hiring expatriate workers without a permit, and (23) other offense related to fishing activity.

The Department of Fisheries Control and Licensing succeeded during the month of September in confiscating (10,560) kilograms of fish and recorded (355) seizures/set aside items, including (13) boats/vessels, (13) engines and equipment, and (279) fishing nets, (12) cages and (37) expatriate labour.