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‘Fish, birds and children’: Waterfront activities for Monument and Fountain Creeks in Colorado Springs proposed to city council

A community stakeholder group wants to revitalize a seven-mile stretch of Monument and Fountain Creeks in Colorado Springs with spots for tubing and kayaking, as well as waterfronts and neighborhood development opportunities.

The vision presented to city council on Monday includes five different segments, including a potential redesign of the north side of Monument Valley Park and the addition of a beach for water recreation near America the Beautiful Park.

The COS Creek plan begins at the Popcycle Bridge, located in Monument Valley Park near Beacon Street and Van Buren Street. It extends south to the confluence of Fountain Creek and Shooks Run Creek, just southeast of Dorchester Park.

Courtesy of COS Creek Plan
The COS Creek plan describes this portion of the project as a destination for Colorado College recreation and ceremonial activities along the creek. “As the main entrance to the Colorado College campus and the Old North End, this area should celebrate the educational and historic heart of Colorado Springs.”

Chris Lieberwith NES, the company that produced the renderings, characterized the seven-mile stretch as a symbolic part of the Fountain Creek watershed. The success of the project, he said, would be measured by three things.

“Fish, birds and children,” he said, describing who and what they hope to attract to the area. “In many ways, we think that’s what success could mean on a very tangible level.”

On the project’s website, the group cited periodic water sampling by Colorado Springs Utilities and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as evidence that streams are safe for recreation and to support fish. and wildlife. The site also discusses the amount of water available.

“Fountain and Monument Creeks have adequate flows to support a variety of recreational activities, including but not limited to float tubing, beginner kayaking, informal water play, and fishing. The amount Water levels vary throughout the year, providing additional seasonal recreational opportunities” the page reads.

Courtesy of COS Creek Plan
The COS Creek plan sees new opportunities at the north end of Monument Valley Park, including reclaimed land for development and a restored natural corridor for active and passive recreation. “The design explores opportunities for multi-purpose infrastructure that benefits the creek ecosystem, stormwater, and the community.”

Other project goals include restoring the natural function of streams, creating a signature place for water play, and catalyzing reinvestment and economic vitality.

Lieber said the recommendations would be an “integrated approach” to projects already underway in the city. This includes a recent review of platform construction for passenger rail and proposed updates to the Shooks Run Trail system.

“It’s a plan that’s an ‘and’ plan. It’s not an ‘or’ plan,” he said. “Communities that have done this well have said ‘we’re going to blend all of these things together in this narrow hallway to create a dynamic, vibrant, amazing space that works on every level. “”