Fishing activities

Fishing activities endangering oil and gas deposits – Report


The activities of fishermen around the country’s oil and gas exploitation areas in the western region have been identified as the main risk factor threatening the industry.

These are the conclusions of a research by the Center for Research and Training on Environment and Health and funded by the partners TEN and Jubilee with the aim of proposing a framework that will ensure the strategic coexistence of the oil, gas and gas sector. peach.

Research has highlighted the use of fire by fishermen near the exclusive and advisory areas of Jubilee Fields, fishing near the facility, the use of imaginable materials or objects drifting towards the FPSO, the poor law enforcement, among others. The research has also highlighted issues affecting fishermen and fishing communities around oil fields that require urgent attention.

Speaking at a stakeholder workshop to discuss the report titled “Safe Sea Access Framework” on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, Petroleum Commission Chief Executive Officer Egbert Faibille Jnr (Esq.) Said Incursions frequent and growing in the Advisory Council. and exclusive zones by fishermen pose challenges for the 16 companies operating in Ghana’s oil fields.

“In the last five (5) years from 2012, a total of four thousand nine hundred and seventy (4,970) incursions have been recorded.

“These violations not only put fishermen at serious risk, but needlessly endanger critical offshore facilities and infrastructure,” he said.

He explained that it is for this reason that “the study was commissioned with the aim of finding solutions and recommendations for strategies that could potentially reduce the further encroachment of fishermen in the consultative and exclusive zones in the zones. oil and gas operations “.

He said the workshop should give stakeholders the opportunity to review the report, critique the document, make necessary inputs and reach consensus on how to implement the research recommendations. .

The Petroleum Commission boss said the new board and management chart a new course in social performance management, saying companies will now be encouraged to pool their resources to tackle common issues.

Speaking to Oman News, the Lower Discove Omanhene in the Western Region, Nana Kwasi Agyemang (IX), who praised the research results, praised the consultant for his excellent work in covering issues affecting the both oil companies and fishing communities.

He said he was pleased that their concerns were recorded in the report, explaining that fishermen and fishing communities had not been consulted to have their contributions incorporated into regulations governing the oilfields.

Nana Kwasi Agyemang (IX) called for the full implementation of research results to ensure the coexistence of oil, gas and fisheries.