Fishing activities

Fishing activities resume with strict safety measures



Fishermen will be allowed to resume their fishing activities and the sale of fish at the Karachi fishing port under strict security measures, the Sindh Livestock and Fisheries Department said in a notification issued on Sunday.

According to the notification, the Karachi Fish Harbor Authority (KFHA) will ensure that Sindh government’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed by all stakeholders involved, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Therefore, all fishermen and port workers were urged to practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves, and use disinfectants.

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The notification also calls for several other precautions, such as strict adherence to the new disembarkation times for all types of boats – between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. – and the gathering of up to four people anywhere in the port.

Additionally, only authorized members of the KFHA and Fishermen’s Cooperative Society (FCS) will be permitted to enter the port, while no vendors will be permitted to enter at all.

The notification also stated that those authorized to enter the port could only do so through designated disinfection doors installed by the FCS.

Processing plants must also ensure that their facilities are operating with the absolute minimum number of employees required; failure to meet this obligation will result in legal proceedings, the notification warned.

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In the meantime, several SOPs have been established regarding the fishing activities themselves. Fishermen and their crew, upon arriving in port with their catch, should stay on their boats as fish auctions will be conducted from there.

For the auction, a representative of the FCS, a mole-maker (authorized representative) and no more than five buyers will be admitted to the site. After the auction, the catch will be transported directly to processing plants on vehicles, with the help of up to five workers.

After each auction is over, the FCS must spray disinfectants all over the piers and port.