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GA DNR Division of Coastal Resources Seeking Candidates for Citizen Advisory Groups

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources seeks qualified candidates to serve on various advisory boards.

Advisory groups play an important role in policy development by providing input and advice to MNR’s Coastal Resources Division (CRD).

The CRD has the following volunteer openings available:

  • Blue Crab Advisory Committee: A commercial crabber.
  • Fish Advisory Committee: A recreational fisherman (must be a resident of a non-coastal county) and a commercial fisherman.
  • Shrimp Advisory Group: Three commercial trawlers and one commercial spinner.


Fisheries advisory committees voice their opinions on fisheries management decisions, including open and closed seasons, size and slot limits, allocation, and other matters. The terms of the Advisory Committee do not exceed the term of the Governor of Georgia at the time of appointment. Members can request a reappointment. Panels are made up of 11-15 people with backgrounds in recreational and commercial fishing, seafood processing, and science. Commercial shrimpers, crabbers and fishers must possess a valid Georgia resident commercial fishing license and have reported landings within the previous two years, as well as other federal licenses as applicable. Recreational anglers and shrimpers must have a valid Georgia fishing license (with associated Saltwater Information Program permit) and must not have a commercial license. More information, including a downloadable app, can be found at


Anyone wishing to apply for an advisory committee can contact Kathy Knowlton at or by calling 912-262-3122. The deadline to apply for an advisory board is February 25, 2022.

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