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Ghanaians clash with Chinese in illegal fishing activities


A report by a natural resources economist revealed that the 76 fishing carts operating in Ghana, which are said to be owned entirely by Ghanaians, have only one Ghanaian company operating in the industry.

Professor Wisdom Akpalu said the situation has been the same over the years and no attempt by the authorities has been made to deal with it.

According to him, 75 of the country’s 76 fishing carts have Ghanaians fighting for Chinese companies to carry out illegal activities in the fishing industry.

“This situation has been around for some time now is not of recent origin, the trolling vessels are supposed to be owned by Ghanaians, it is the law, some Ghanaians make some kind of high purchase contract with foreigners the ship must absolutely be registered or be in the name of Ghanaians so what they do is you have a Ghanaian who maybe find a way to get a license and invite a Chinese ship . “

He complained about the situation saying: “When you have foreign vessels fishing in our waters, they don’t care much about the sustainability of the resource, every renewable resource like the fish stock is supposed to be extracted from the resource. ‘such that the rate at which the resource is extracted does not exceed the rate at which the resource is replenished.

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Still on the danger posed by the situation for the industry, the natural resource economist and president of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Professor Wisdom Akpalu added that in most cases, ships trolling foreigners know that they will be in Ghana for a short period of time, so it is in their best interest to ensure that they extract as much as possible and these will certainly lead to a drop in the stock that we currently know.

Ghana currently consumes 950,000 metric tonnes of fish per year, 60% of which is imported fish. In 2016, the country imported 135 million metric tonnes of fish to curb the reduction in the country’s fish stocks.

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