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A native of Ardrahan is behind a new company that aims to improve the nature of urban living and working.

Lisa Geoghegan had a background in property, working in property surveying before being appointed tenant relations manager at a residential development in Leopardstown, Dublin, where more than 6,000 people lived.

Here in Central Park, she set up a program called Live, Work, Grow where she organized activities such as fitness classes, organized food markets and created events that allowed residents to get to know their neighbors and to feel part of a community.

Her success proved that there was a gap in the market for large residential and commercial properties to improve the interaction between tenants and landlords, so she took the step of starting her own company in 2019 called Sonalife.

So far, the company is involved with three different landlords who between them rent two million square feet of property in Dublin.

They also have contracts to host events for several top companies, with the promise of working with a number of clients set to complete large-scale developments this year.

“There are many international investment funds that manage properties in Ireland and they want to improve the tenant experience and build relationships between tenants to create a five-step experience from start to finish,” he explains. -she.

“It’s the future of real estate because many of these new developments have resident lounges, fitness studios, cinemas, spaces to hang out and meet neighbors, so the focus is on creating a vibrant community, not just about renting a building.”

Six months after launching the Dublin-based business, lockdown happened and Lisa had to transition to online engagement.

“We set up an online community experience and reached out to people in apartments, either on their own or sharing with people they didn’t know well. Based on the feedback we received, we found that it really benefited so many people, which is why I’m so passionate about it.

“When you live in an apartment building, the only interaction you can have with your neighbors is an awkward nod at the elevator, which is really different from living in Ardrahan where you know everyone.”

Starting her own business wasn’t too daunting for Lisa as she grew up working at her father’s car dealership.

The next step for the company which employs two other people is to launch a community platform by mid-year to streamline the user experience and provide more community benefits for people who live and work. in high-rise buildings.

“I’m very excited about this and we hope to grow for this aspect of the business. I am very optimistic. We are fortunate to work with a number of very good companies and during the lockdown we were inundated with landlord offers purely by word of mouth,” she explains.

“Many of these developments have been delayed due to the lockdown, but we hope to sign a number of customers this year.”