Fishing skills

Hollywood Myths, Cracked: 4 Things Movies Get Survival Skills Wrong

And speaking of fishing, good luck trying to craft a weapon or some sort of hunting spear without an actual blade attached to the top. At least they got Leo to fish with his hands, because honestly, that’s your best bet. Unless, of course, Lady Luck offers you a rock that was born to be a knife too.

Of course, there is the added danger of eating virtually anything in the open and not poisoning yourself and dying a slow, excruciating death (see the super tramp movie), and may the odds always be in your favor when you come across an animal that loves a meaty dinner, because…

So you came face to face with a wild animal

Let’s talk about the “play dead to avoid getting nibbled” survival technique that has been used time and time again. This type of strategy will only work if the animal you encounter is not aggressive. Which, if you think about it, makes it a dramatic move on your part, since you might as well stand still and wait for the passive animal to move forward.

Mario Heller, Unsplash

“If my college drama teacher can see me now!”

In general, movies sometimes go out of their way to portray wild animals as wild and so bloodthirsty that they will directly hunt down a person. Most animals absolutely want nothing to do with humans (just), and in the case of a stalking predator, chances are the animal is completely starved and in desperate need of food. i.e. from you. In that case, you better get rid of Dodge, and fast.