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How to unlock everything – Kirby and the Forgotten Land Wiki Guide

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This guide covers all unlockables and 100% explains Kirby and the Forgotten Land. As you progress through Kirby and the Forgotten Land and rescue Waddle Dees, you’ll unlock new Waddle Dee Town buildings, copy ability evolutions, special figures and more – all of which are needed for a 100% achievement.

100% Requirements


You must unlock everything in Kirby and the Forgotten Land in order to complete it 100%. Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to do with links to complete walkthroughs and guides on each task. See more details on everything that will be unlocked as a result of completing these tasks below.

In order to collect all the numbers, you must complete all the other tasks on this list, as well as others to get each special figure. You can see how in our figure collecting guide.

Doing all of the above tasks will also unlock all pictures of Kirby’s House in Waddle Dee Town.

Weird or not, you do not use 100% amiibo Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Waddle Dee Town Unlockables

The Waddle Dee Cinema is available almost immediately, but everything else in Waddle Dee Town must be unlocked. These facilities, special figures, photos, and even blueprints can be unlocked in Waddle Dee Town by progressing through the main story, saving a certain number of Waddle Dees, completing minigames, and more.

See the full list of facilities below and the Waddle Dee Town Unlockables Guide for specific details on how to unlock everything in Waddle Dee Town.


Copy Ability Evolutions – Blueprints

All copy abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Blueprints are required to unlock all Copy Abilities and Evolutions at Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee Town. There are a total of 24 copy ability blueprints, which can be found hidden in certain main stages. Once you have upgraded a copy ability, a new figure for the new copy ability will be obtainable in Figure Gotcha Machines!

You’ll also need to trade rare stones to unlock these blueprints, so be sure to learn How to get rare stones.

Main steps

More main stages in Kirby and the Forgotten Land will unlock naturally as you complete the one before it. However, the final boss stage in each area requires you to rescue a certain number of Waddle Dees from that specific area before it becomes available.

A post-game will be unlocked and accessible through Waddle Dee Town once you’ve completed the main story and seen the credits.

Treasure Routes

Treasure Routes are optional side challenges that you will see appear on the map. Most of them will be revealed as you complete main stages and unlock new copy ability evolutions with blueprints, but some of them are hidden. You will need to hover over their location on the map and press A to unlock them. See all Treasure Road stage locations for images of each Treasure Road so you can find them all. Complete them all to unlock a new picture of Kirby’s house in Waddle Dee Town and get the special “Rare-Stone Master” figure. Don’t worry, you do not need to beat the target time!

Figure Collection – Special Figures

Special characters in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Most characters from Kirby and the Forgotten Land can be found randomly in “gotcha” pods, found in main stages or by using a pod machine in Waddle Dee Town. Some of the figures will not be obtainable until you unlock the corresponding item or enemy in the game. For example, you will not be able to obtain the Space Ranger figure until you unlock the ability of Space Ranger copy. You can see the needs in numbers by looking at your collection. Some figures are considered special figures and are only unlocked by completing a certain task. All 256 of them must be obtained at 100% Kirby and the Forgotten Land. See how to unlock all minifigures