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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has announced significant events and happenings.

It’s time to renew your fishing license

Spring has finally arrived, which for many people means it’s time to fish. Before you go, remember that the 2021-2022 fishing licenses expired on March 31. To renew yours for the 2022-2023 season or purchase one for the first time, visit or a local retailer. Your participation helps the Division of Fish & Wildlife increase access, create healthier habitats, and provide more rewarding experiences for anglers across the state.

Find fishing tips and videos on our website.

Are you excited to start chasing gobbles?

The spring wild turkey season begins for adult hunters on April 27 and continues until May 15. Young season for the spring wild turkey hunt is April 23-24. Hunters need a valid turkey license and game bird habitat stamp to participate.

Find the Where to Hunt map, regulations, spring harvest data, processing videos and more on our website.

If you haven’t been able to draw a reserved hunting spot for the Spring 2022 turkey season, there are still opportunities to get out and hunt on Indiana’s public lands. One of these options is pending draws. Here’s how they work:

Fish and Wildlife Areas (FWAs) often assign turkey hunting opportunities in the spring through a reserved draw. Hunters drawn for a Reserved Hunt must claim their spots daily at a certain time each morning or that hunting opportunity will be included in the draw. Non-reserved hunters who hold a valid turkey license and game bird stamp can enter the waiting draws each morning for a chance at one of the unclaimed spots. Remember that these places can only be claimed in person and there is no guarantee that there will be openings available. Hunters interested in participating in turkey holding draws should contact the property they wish to hunt for more information regarding draw times and procedures.

May 1st is the first free fishing day of this year

Indiana residents do not need a fishing license to cast a line and get out on the water on these special days. Free fishing days are a great opportunity to unwind with family and friends, relax and plan a picnic. There are many free and publicly available fishing spots throughout Indiana. Visit the Where to Fish page to find your next favorite fishing hole.