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Kyle Lowry’s acting skills get props from Hollywood A-List Denzel Washington – Basketball Network

Kyle Lowry is known around the league as someone who fails even though some would say he’s just smarter than everyone else because he impacts the game that way.

Kyle Lowry is a 16-year NBA veteran, and it goes without saying that he’s learned a few tricks in his career, including selling calls. Multi-award-winning actor Denzel Washington sat down with Lowry and revealed what he thought of his acting skills when he was misrepresented.

Lowry’s Veteran Moves

The flop is part of basketball, but players tend to overdo it to the point that it becomes absurd and comical for fans watching the games. Lowry is one of the players who likes to sell calls to referees, and he is often whistled. In this sequence, the Miami Heat guard tried to link arms with the Atlanta Hawks player and fought to get the foul.

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This decision went viral simply because people were wondering what Kyle was doing in that room. In this streak, it’s not a natural basketball game, which makes Lowry’s flop attempt ridiculous. Hollywood actor Denzel Washington, who has won two Oscars and two Golden Globe Awards, and countless nominations in his acting career, shared some of his wits when he met Miami Heat players including Kyle and Jimmy Butler.

Washington called Lowry a “sneaky boy” when he tried to sell calls to which the former Toronto Raptors star replied “that’s his job.”

Lowry is right when he says he’s just doing his job, and part of it is selling calls, looking to get into the minds of opposing players and gaining an advantage at all costs, but it shows also how to play the game the wrong way. . Critics criticize him for missing all his chances, but they can’t argue that he doesn’t give his all, even willing to sacrifice his body to get the calls.

Kyle Lowry makes a living drawing fees

Lowry was the league leader among guards in shooting offensive charges. Kyle has mastered the art of drawing offensive fouls over the past decade. As of January 2022, he has already registered 22 league-leading charges. Since 2010, he’s had 152 charges drawn, the first among guards and second only to DeMarcus Cousins’ 184. Their difference: Lowry is just a shade over 6ft while Cousins ​​is 6’10”.

Pulling loads is by no means an easy task. You must participate voluntarily, which means you are prepared to get hit in the paint, which could lead to injury. There’s also the aspect of timing: a split-second difference could decide whether it’s a mobile fault or a charge. Acting a little also helps sell the appeal to referees.

Despite his reputation as a flop, Kyle Lowry has never been fined and has only received a warning from the NBA so far. We see a player willing to do anything, even to put his body and his career on the line or take the risk of looking like a fool fishing for fouls to help his team win. It is therefore a commendable act if you are in the same team as him but deplorable if you are on the opposing side.