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Leadership Albany 2022 Hosts Natural Resources Program

March 15 – ALBANY – Members and staff of Leadership Albany 2022 recently participated in a day filled with presentations about the abundant natural resources of the Albany region.

Speakers included Gordon Rogers, RJ Gipaya and David Dixon of Flint Riverkeeper. Also in attendance were Rob Weller of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Ross Harrison of Quail Forever, Mack Bryan of Southeastern Flyworks and Caleb Horton of Southern Tradition Kennels. The class also took a self-guided tour of the Flint RiverQuarium.

Time on the water paddling with Flint Riverkeeper staff and board members was scheduled for the outing, but Mother Nature had other plans. Planners from Albany’s management, including alumni Jackie Entz, Brianna Wilson, Chloe Hinton and Tommy Clark, rather quickly swung into a day full of learning and fun with the various stakeholders.

Participants learned about how natural resources benefit the community from a health and economic perspective. Presentations covered water quality and quantity, the management and importance of fishing, the preservation and hunting of quail and its economic impact on the region, fly fishing and fly tying. , and the value of dog training to support local hunters.

“Attendees learned about many of our local natural resources to allow them to appreciate the diverse and rich resources available in Southwest Georgia,” said Leadership Albany Board Chairman Daniel Stone. “Class members also heard from public and private organizations dedicated to preserving and sustaining our resources. In addition to providing an understanding of the impact of these treasurers, presenters also explained the importance of stewardship, sustainability, current challenges, and encouraging citizen engagement—these treasures are critical to our future success and make Southwest Georgia the special place we call home.

“Leadership Albany’s mission is to develop effective leaders in our community who are inspired to move the community forward. This is accomplished by engaging diverse people in networking, education, and exposure to issues, opportunities, and needs. “organization seeks to empower leaders to participate in civic and community service. We also seek to create a network of support for current and future leaders. Leadership Albany’s vision is that Albany and Southwest Georgia thrive through the active efforts of various servant leaders, all working together to enable the community to be the Good Life City for everyone.”

Leadership Albany was established in 1984 and has served the Albany and Southwest Georgia area. The organization is both a member and affiliate of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. LA exists to run an annual nine-month leadership program for 25-30 community members. Other functions include providing public leadership-related professional development offerings, supporting the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Development Committee, and supporting general community leadership development initiatives.

This program is facilitated for the benefit of the community by many community leaders and partners. The programs would not be possible without the continued support of these sponsors. The organization and current programming is also supported by contributions from Leadership Albany alumni.