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Lost Ark Guide: Crafting & Life Skills

As with any decent MMO, of course, you can do more than just fight and loot in Lost Ark. Today we are going to tell you how crafting and life skills work in Lost Ark.

Yes, you don’t always have to fight in Lost Ark. | © Smilegate

Want to take a break from the fighting and looting of Lost Ark? No problem, of course the game also offers a crafting system and to use it, you have to farm materials. This is where life skills or business skills come in, and we’ll walk you through how it all works.

What are life skills?

To craft items yourself, you need crafting materials, and they must be collected or mined. To do this, you need business skills or life skills. These are unlocked from level 24 by completing specific quests. Here are all the life skills in Lost Ark:

  • Registration
  • Fishing
  • Gathering
  • Excavation
  • Mining
  • Hunt

How do life skills work?

To perform a life skill in Lost Ark, you will need the right tool, which you can buy from merchants. Tools come in five rarity tiers, with each tier increasing durability and the chance of obtaining rare materials. From level 2, you will have to craft the tools.

When you perform a profession or life skill, such as cutting down trees or picking flowers, you improve that skill. Skyrim-style, are you digging? And the same principle as for the tools applies here too: the higher your level, the more likely you are to obtain rare materials. Also, you need a higher level for large trees or rare plants.

However, you can’t just walk in like a maniac and start shooting everything or fishing until the seas are empty. Each life skill requires work energy, and you have a maximum of 10,000 points of it. So at some point you will have to wait and regenerate your energy, per day you will recover 4320 points. You can also buy potions which can recharge your energy.

Why is craftsmanship worth it?

Crafting in Lost Ark is very important. For example, you can craft healing potions that you would otherwise have you have to buy with gold. These can easily be made with harvested flowers. Wood is worth upgrading your fortress and producing ship materials there. You will also need wood to craft the Astray ship.