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Lost Ark Island of Opportunities Guide

Opportunity Island is one of the smaller islands in Lost Ark. The focus is on other activities rather than combat on the island, but this should not be ignored. It contains great rewards that are easy to get.

Opportunity Island is an Adventure Island that only appears within certain time limits. His questline revolves around fishing and the whole island is themed around this activity.

You’ll find plenty of fishing spots on the island, and his adventure quest will also put you in a fishing contest, which will determine whether or not you get the island token.

Island Tokens are valuable collectibles that offer rewards in increments of five. If you’re looking to start your adventure to find all the island tokens in Lost Ark, make sure your ship is upgraded and ready.

If you want to explore the islands of Arkesia but haven’t unlocked navigation yet, here are the requirements and how to do it.

How to find the Island of Opportunity in Lost Ark

Opportunity Island is located just northwest of the Arthetine region. The island is an adventure/event island, meaning it does not spawn every day.

To find out if the island is accessible to you, consult your Prochyon Compass. In the Adventure Island notification information category, you should be able to see if the island is available to you or not.
Additionally, you can check your notifications often to see if the island will appear soon.

Lost Ark Opportunity Island Ma

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If available, you can simply browse there. There is no special requirement for ships near the island.

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Opportunity Island Loot and Quests

Like most islands, Opportunity Island comes with a series of side quests and an adventure quest that will reward you with the island token upon completion.

Simply talk to the first NPC you meet at the entrance to the island and sign the documents to start the fishing contest.

To have the best chance of winning the contest, make sure your fishing rod is repaired.

The competition will end once all players involved have caught 250 fish together. You are placed in the leaderboard based on the number of catches.

lost ark

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There’s really no easy or quick way around this, you’ll have to catch the fish to win.

The island also includes three side quests, all of which have a fishing theme. They are really easy to complete and are all given to you by the same NPC, a fisherman.

The rewards are sea-only currency – Pirate Coins. Need parts? Here’s how to get pirate coins fast.

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How to Get the Opportunity Island Token

The contest rewards are as follows:

1st place awards

  • Angler’s Purse x3
  • Moneyx 2,000

2nd Place Awards

  • Fisherman’s Purse x2
  • Silver x1,800

3rd place awards

  • Fisherman’s Purse x2
  • Silver x1,500

4th place awards

  • Fisherman’s Purse x2
  • Silver x1,200

Participation rewards

  • Fisherman’s Pouch x1
  • Silver x600

Each angler pocket has a chance to drop the island token, which is why it is important to finish as high up the fishing competition ladder as possible. If you don’t get it on your first try, you can always come back to the island and try again next time.

For more specific information on all the islands, check out the Lost Ark wiki.

Mokoko Seed Locations

The island also contains a single Mokoko Seed that’s easy to miss if you’re not careful. For the perfectionist in you, you can find it on a rock, next to this fishing spot:

Lost Ark Opportunity Island Mokoko Map

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