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Lost Ark Trade Skills Guide

lost ark features a number of trade skills, each allowing you to collect the various materials used throughout the game. They provide a break from main quests and dungeon exploration, and they’re worth doing if you want to prepare for activities end of game. In this lost ark Trade Skills Guide, we will go over the trade skill unlock requirements and the uses of each.

How to unlock trade skills in lost ark

Trade skills are not available from the start of Lost Ark, requiring you to progress through the main story to a certain point. Your adventures will eventually lead you to Lakebar, a region of West Luterra. From here, guide quests will start to become available, which can be accepted from the guide tab of your quest log (default key J). Each will teach you a new life skill and give you a rare gathering tool upon completion.

You go need to reach Lakebar main story quests to also unlock trade skills on alts, although Lost Ark does not encourage using multiple characters for collection. This is due to Labor Energy, the resource needed to gather, shared among all characters. The advantage is that you are also not punished for collecting several characters, because business skills experience and the tools you use are also shared.

lost ark Tools and work energy

Each trade skill has a corresponding tool associated with it, which will be equipped to your trade skill tab (separate from your inventory and equipment). They come in several rarities, from rare to . Higher rarities have better effects, but cost more to buy and repair. For most of your upgrades, it’s best to use uncommon tools to save money.

When you buy tools, bonus effects are randomly applied. These can range from Super Armor (very useful for most trade skills) to reduced chance of tool durability loss. Higher rarity tools will have more of these effects applied at once.

When using tools, their current and maximum durability will be reduced, the former at a faster rate. These can be repaired at a repairman – current durability requiring silver and max durability requiring Trade Skill Tool Restoration Kits. Restoration kits are crafted in your stronghold, but are not very convenient to obtain.

During this time, work energy is used to perform any trade skill action. It is capped at 10,000 and restores at a rate of 30 every 10 minutes. This means that it will take more than 2 days to recover all the empty work energy.

You’ll be blocked a lot by Work Energy, so it’s usually best to focus on just a few trade skills at a time. It’s also worth noting that higher tier areas will drop rarer materials, but will also require higher trade skill levels. In the beginning, it’s best to level up and gather basic materials in the early areas (you’ll need lots of ore and logs).

lost ark Trade Skills – Types and Uses

Foraging Trade Skill

Foraging allows you to gather plants and mushrooms to use in a number of useful crafting recipes (namely potions and bombs). Foraging points are marked with leaves on the map, and nodes can be collected twice.

To gather mushrooms (used for bombs), you must reach level 10 in gathering. There are no active skills to unlock, which means you just need to interact with a node and then move on.

Business Competence in Logging

Logging involves cutting down trees (marked by a log on the map) to acquire wood that can be used to upgrade your fortress or ships. Smaller trees will yield two sets of materials when harvested, with mature trees yielding three.

Logging level 10 unlocks the ability to harvest lush trees of higher rarity. At level 20, you gain the Wild Growth active ability. This will temporarily turn a young tree into a mature tree for additional picking opportunities. At level 30, Kick Tree is unlocked. This guarantees special rewards, at the cost of a working energy cost of 180 and a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Mining in the Lost Ark

Mining trade skill

Mining nodes, like foraging, can be gathered twice. They are marked with a blue rock on the map and are often closely grouped together. Ores can be used for various Stronghold upgrades and gear.

Level 10 unlocks an RNG mini-game that rewards rare materials for good timing. At mining level 20, you will have access to the active skill Moonlight Miner. This increases the rate of obtaining rarer materials, at a higher labor energy cost. Another active skill, Mining Bomb, is unlocked at level 30. This destroys nearby minerals, dropping a lot of ore at once.

Hunt in the Lost Ark

Hunting Trade Skill

Hunting is where trade skills begin to branch out. Using the Find action, you can mark prey as rabbits with an icon above them. Then you use the Throw action to throw axes at them. After killing your prey, you can skin it to gain meat and leather.

Hunter’s Eye at hunting level 10 will start spawning prey after interacting with the previous three trade skill nodes. At level 20, it is possible to set traps in certain places. These catch prey after a while, and you can still actively hunt animals at the same time. Level 30 unlocks tracking, leading you to prey hideouts to find special prey.

Fish in the Lost Ark

Commercial skill of fishing

Unlike other Trade Skills, Fishing Nodes (marked by a large hook on the map) can always be safely gathered due to a lack of enemies. However, the rewards aren’t as useful, with pearls usually being the most lucrative reward.

To fish, you use the Float Fishing skill at a fishing spot. Eventually a fish will begin to bite, before dragging the float underwater. Use float fishing again to catch fish and potentially rarer pearls.

Fishing level 10 gives you the ability to cast bait, which increases the chance of rare golden fish spawning. At level 20, Barrel Fishing is unlocked. It works similarly to traps for hunting, allowing you to set a trap to passively gather. The Net Casting active skill at level 30 requires you to gain stacks of the Off The Hook buff, obtained randomly by catching fish. Using 5 stacks of this buff can be spent to unlock lots of fish at once.

Excavation in the Lost Ark

Excavation Trade Skill

The excavation is unique in that its nodes do not appear on the map. Instead, you must search for them through the Relic Search and Sonar active skills. Relics are mainly used to craft tools and some pieces of equipment.

Sonar will ping a sensor. When it rings faster, you are closer to a hidden relic. Once in the right place, Relic Search will bring up all the relics in the area. From there, you can then dig them up for your reward.

The level 10 excavation skill is Loot Hunter, which increases the change of treasure chests appearing when relics are found. At level 30, you will get a sniffer dog, which increases the drop rate of rare materials for 3 minutes.

That’s it for the Lost Ark Trade skill guide! Hope this helped – you can check out other guides below!

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