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Marietta teen incorporates patience into all activities | News, Sports, Jobs

Cameron Bean is a member of the drum line at Marietta High School Wall of Sound. (Photo provided)

“Speed ​​isn’t everything” Cameron Bean said when asked what lessons he learned from his grandfather. “He had a big influence on my patience. I learned a lot of maturity from my grandfather.

Bean is a 15-year-old, soon to be 16-year-old sophomore at Marietta High School. He is a member of the drum line for the wall of sound, on the wrestling team, is a junior firefighter and volunteer with the Barlow Volunteer Fire Department, is a 2nd degree brown belt in karate and jiu-jitsu, does carpentry and welding, does mechanics works on his own truck and says patience plays a part in all of those things.

“In the world of jiu-jitsu, during matches” says Bean. “A lot during welding. When I first started trying to learn to weld, I was racing. Once I slowed down and started to be patient, my welds started to get cleaner, look better and hold up.

Bean has been practicing karate since he was 5 years old and switched to jiu-jitsu in 2018.

He’s played tournaments in Florida, Kentucky, Parkersburg and Mount Vernon, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, and says his specialty is string guns, especially nunchucks. Bean says jiu-jitsu taught him to relax under pressure.

Cameron Bean on a 2021 family fishing trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Photo provided)

“It kind of taught me to relax even in stressful situations,” says Bean. “That was one of the big lessons I think it taught me. It was how to relax when you’re under pressure. Wrestling does a lot too.

Bean said it was his switch to jiu-jitsu that got him into wrestling.

“I thought it would transfer directly into wrestling,” says Bean. “Some parts did. Other parts, not so much.

He said there were a lot of similarities in everyone’s kills, but they started to differ once the action got down to the ground. He said he sometimes had to remind himself that he was struggling.

“There are a lot of things in jiu-jitsu that I can do that I can’t get away with in wrestling,” says Bean.

Cameron Bean with his rescue dog Bandit. (Photo provided)

Bean is a junior firefighter and volunteer with the Barlow VFD, and says he hopes to one day be a full-time firefighter. He said he’s always been one of those kids who loved to watch the big red fire engines go by.

He said he also likes to visit fire stations for school trips. Bean is taking basic firefighting classes at Marietta High and hopes to advance Firefighter I to his senior year.

“It’s a very dangerous job, but from my point of view, you help a lot of people,” says Bean. “You’re there on someone’s worst day to make them better.”

Of all the things he does, Bean says being in the marching band is his favorite thing.

He is the third bass player for the drums and said that one of the things he was most proud of this year was that the drums didn’t have a drum tech, the person responsible for setting up, taking down and battery maintenance, for the majority of the year, and they had to rely on themselves.

Cameron Bean during a 2021 EMAC Karate Tournament in Elizabethtown, Ky. (Photo provided)

“Our drumline has really benefited from using our own knowledge from our elders and has really been successful on our own,” says Bean. “We just had ourselves and each other.”

Bean said Drums did well this year and scored a one in three of the four competitions they entered. He said he liked coming home a winner in those competitions.

“Coming home after this meeting, when you have one in your class, it’s really nice,” says Bean.

“You know you’ve performed better than everyone else, you’ve really mastered your stuff, it’s a great feeling.”

In his spare time, Bean enjoys swimming, fishing, listening to music, mostly country, and riding roller coasters with his family.

Cameron Bean was named Mr. Spark 2019 for the Barlow VFD. He was able to ride the fire truck in some local parades. Bean is also a junior firefighter and hopes to become a full-time firefighter one day. (Photo provided)

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