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Mortician reveals a list of activities she will never do | Video

An undertaker has revealed the activities she will never take part in after being ‘marked’ by what she saw in her job.

An undertaker has revealed the activities she will never take part in after being ‘marked’ by what she saw in her job.

TikToker Lauren Eliza has shared a series of videos showing the terrifying results of crashes in RVs and after skydiving.

The stay-at-home mom was previously a funeral director and said she had ‘picked up’ many bodies that had been victims of daily activities that left her traumatized, reports The Sun.

“Yeah I’m a little scared,” she captioned the first of three videos listing the hobbies and pastimes she will never take up.

Standing and holding a mug, Lauren snapped her fingers explaining that these are the things “I will NEVER do because I’m an undertaker.”

She then shows a motorbike and a motorhome before revealing a photo of the wreckage after an accident.

“Please be careful of motorbikes,” she advised

“Whatever that death trap is called…no,” Lauren added to a photo of a paraglider.

“I think this one is pretty self-explanatory,” she said of a photo of skydivers.

She also had a stern warning for snowmobiles and for people who fish on the ice.

“Don’t ride them on trails or lakes after dark,” she said.

This can happen,” the TikToker added to a photo of a vehicle plunging into freezing water.

“No matter how thick the ice is in some places, my biggest fear here.”

Lauren also took a swipe at off-road vehicles, saying, “I wouldn’t want to survive and be crippled for life either.”

And going out to watch lightning during thunderstorms, swimming in any river and playing golf in the rain are all massive no-go’s.

Even the horses weren’t safe.

“Have you seen the movie Spirit? she asked.

“Never Really Live”

Lauren’s videos, however, sparked a debate in the comments section.

Some TikTok users think it lacks fun by excluding activities where the chances of dying in an accident are slim.

“People are so afraid of dying they never live,” one user said.

“I’m pretty sure I can have a full life without getting into an RV.”

“I went skydiving and a week later someone died in the same spot,” another commenter wrote.

“Anyway, I’m going back in March.”

Still, some agreed with her hesitation, especially given what she had seen in her work.

“My mother was a paramedic. No trampolines, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, convertibles, swimming without parents, etc. one person wrote.

“My dad is a funeral director and as a kid I was never allowed to ride a trampoline,” another said.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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