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NAOWA President to sponsor 30 youths for skills acquisition in Edo

The President of the Association of Nigerian Army Officers Wives (NAOWA), Ms. Salamatu Yahaya, has pledged to sponsor 30 youths for skills acquisition at the NAOWA Skills Acquisition Center in Benin.
Yahaya made the pledge mid-week during the inauguration of the NAOWA Skills Acquisition Center at the Nigerian Army Cantonment, Ekehuan, Benin.
She also promised to buy 50 admission forms for young people, including women, wishing to participate in the trainings to be carried out in the center.
“I am impressed with the skills acquisition center and the quality of work done here by the Area Coordinator, NAOWA, 4th Brigade Chapter.
“It means she has incorporated my vision of preserving legacies and upholding the principles of unity and service.
“What she did today was add value to what was already there.
There was actually a skills center here before, but the focus was just on sewing and barbering.
“Thus, value was added to what was already on the ground with an information technology (ICT) center, a sewing and textile management center and a catering and food management center. ‘hotel.
“That’s what we mean by supporting legacies. You take what your predecessor did and improve on what he left behind.
“Because of this, I will sponsor by paying the registration and course fees for 10 young people who will agree to take courses in ICT, 10 young people also for catering and hotel management and 10 others for sewing and textile management. “, she said.
She said her vision of preserving legacies and upholding the principles of unity and service prioritizes the sustainable development and well-being of NAOWA.
The NAOWA President said the newly constructed skills center will add value to the lives of women and youths in the barracks.
“I believe the center will enable our target audience, i.e. young people and women, to acquire skills and therefore make them productive and functional citizens,” she said. .
Earlier, NAOWA Brigade Chapter Area Coordinator 4, Mrs. Saadatu Abdullahi, said that her choice for ICT, Tailoring and Textile Management as well as Catering and Hospitality Management was driven by a genuine desire to helping young people.
She said these were areas where interns could easily earn money, giving them the opportunity to support their spouse and household.
She also said that she decided to impact the NAOWA members in the state and add value to them through their skills as the NAOWA President had focused on charity as an act of humanity.
The NAOWA President also used his visit to Edo to hand over relief materials to 50 servicemen’s widows.
The widows received food, textiles and money.