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Natural Resources Police Report — December 2021

Natural Resources Police Report — December 2021

A natural resources police officer on patrol. Maryland DNR file photo.

The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) cited scores of people for hunting and fishing violations statewide in December.

The NRP charged a Baltimore County man with trespassing and hunting without permission. On December 18, police investigated a report that someone was hunting on property in Ellicott City County, and located hunting gear and an unattended tree there. Shortly after arriving, officers observed 35-year-old Wesley Peters emerging from the woods. Police say Peters eventually admitted he left the tree stand in an attempt to avoid officers because he didn’t have permission to hunt. He also told police he hid his hunting gear and bow and killed a deer from the same stand two months earlier. Police accused Peters of hunting without a permit, hunting in a safe zone, knowingly recording false information when reporting the deer harvest, not wearing fluorescent clothing and not wearing a patch. identification with photo. Peters faces up to $1,485 in fines if convicted.

Police have accused a man of chasing bait and setting up a permanent tree stand in Doncaster State Demonstration Forestst in Charles County. On December 5, police investigated an area where they had located a pile of bait near a permanent tree a day earlier. While there, they observed 24-year-old Grant Wessinger actively hunting in the stand of trees and not wearing the appropriate fluorescent orange or pink clothing for daylight. According to police, Wessinger did not have photo identification, which is required to hunt in Maryland. Wessinger later admitted to police that he placed the tree stand and bait about two weeks ago. As a result, he was charged with hunting in a baited area, failing to wear proper attire during gun season, hunting on a Sunday when it is not permitted, and having illegally used a permanent tree support. He faces a fine of up to $5,000.

A Montgomery County man has been charged with multiple offenses after police acted on tips to discover a raised hunting blind, bird feeder and trail camera in a residential area of ​​Gaithersburg. Police say they also received reports that someone was using the floodlights at night. While investigating on the night of December 1, an officer observed the searchlight attached to a blind, the light directed towards a manger. As the officer approached the blind man he located 48-year-old Jose Rivas, who first tried to get rid of his gun and initially denied he was hunting. However, Rivas later told police he hunted deer, after police located an air rifle with a night vision scope nearby. Rivas, of Sandy Spring, was charged with hunting on private property without permission, hunting without a license or hunter’s safety certificate, and hunting deer at night. He was also charged with three counts of hunting within a safe zone 150 yards from a dwelling. He faces a fine of up to $6,000 and his air rifle has been seized.

A Somerset County man has been charged with exceeding the daily oyster limit. On December 17, officers were on a boat patrol in Kedges Sound, Chesapeake Bay, north of Smith Island. They observed a motor dredge vessel and approached the operator, Willie Parks, 57, from Smith Island. When officers approached Parks’ ship, they could see that he had two five-gallon buckets of oysters on the deck next to the engine compartment. Parks said he had 10 bushels, but police counted two more bushels, which is over the limit. As a result, the parks received a citation for exceeding the daily oyster limit with a powered dredge. Police subpoenaed Parks and ordered him to throw a one-bushel basket and two five-gallon buckets of oysters overboard.