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New World: Furnishing Upgrade Guide


Furnishings are one of the hardest business skills to improve in the New World, requiring huge amounts of raw materials.

New World Furniture

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It has now been a few weeks since the launch of New world, the new fantasy MMORPG from Amazon Games. Players spread throughout the island of Aeternum around this time, fighting, exploring, and crafting. Unlike many MMOs, New world places particular emphasis on its manufacturing and survival mechanisms.

There are 17 business skills in New world for players to master, ranging from fishing to furnishing. The latter is essential for any player who wants to return to a comfortable or impressive home after a long day of adventures. At first glance, the furnishings may seem unimportant to some players, but it’s not just about cosmetics. Furnishings also allow the creation of storage objects and vital trophies.

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How to Level Furnishings in the New World

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Before players can start furnishing, they will need to access one of the New worldCraft workshops. Each workshop has a different level, and higher level furnishing recipes can only be done using higher level workshops. Additionally, using a Workshop in an occupied Colony will require players to pay a small fee.

Like all skills in New world, players earn furnishing XP just by using the skill. Base recipes give small amounts of XP, enough to pass lower levels, while high level furniture will give the most XP. However, to craft the best furniture in the game, players will need to purchase or craft a lot of rare materials, which may require high levels of other trading skills to acquire.

How to farm XP Furnishings in the New World

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Unfortunately for players hoping to make their way to top-notch furniture, furnishing is one of the hardest skills to improve. New world. This is partly because each level takes a lot more XP to increase than the other skills, but also because Home furnishing recipes call for much more refined ingredients than most. Therefore, when trying to farm XP furniture, players should stick to the simplest recipes for their rank.

A good starting point is Hot iron wall lamp – Gloss, which simply requires Wood, iron ingots and petroleum, three of the most common resources in New world. This should be enough to get players to at least level 50, and with a bit of grinding, up to level 100.

Starting at level 100, players should focus primarily on Tasks, including Maple, oak and mahogany. These are relatively easy to create by combining Solvent and oil. Solvent can be found in Aeternum’s chests, or can be converted from other refined materials using a Material Converter, provided the player has reached at least level 100 in one refining skills.

New world is now available on PC.

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