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Newpark Resources: Recognized with 13 category awards in the EnergyPoint Research 2022 Oilfield Services Customer Satisfaction Survey, for the second consecutive year.

Core Laboratories, Newpark Resources and Liberty Oilfield Services rank top three in 2022 customer satisfaction rankings

HOUSTON (May 25, 2022) – As the realization that the energy transition will take longer than expected creeps into the halls of government and Wall Street trading floors, the oilfield supply industry begins to lift his head in the hope of putting behind him a most difficult period. Unsurprisingly, results from EnergyPoint’s 2022 Oilfield Services Customer Satisfaction Survey suggest that top-rated companies will lead the industry as it navigates growth amid a dual customer focus on the financial discipline and efficiency.

This year’s top score goes to Main laboratories. In addition to being ranked first in total satisfaction, the company ranked first in the areas of technology, quality of work, training and well evaluation, analysis of the Core and Fluids, Asia and Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa and four other categories.

Newpark Resources, the highest rated in 2021, is this year’s finalist. The company earned top positions in Performance and Reliability, HSE, Drilling-Related Services, Fluids Services, Texas Interior and Mid-Continent, United States and Canada, HPHT applications, offshore applications and five additional categories. The third overall rating is Liberty Oilfield Serviceswho took first place in Bakken-Dakotas and two additional categories.

To complete the first five of the survey are ProPetro and InterMoor, respectively. ProPetro ranked first in hydraulic fracturing, completion services, special applications and two additional categories. InterMoor ranked first in Marine Services, Mooring Services, Harsh Environment Applications, Ultra Deep Water Applications, International Regions and four additional categories.

Now in its 18th year, EnergyPoint’s annual benchmark survey remains the industry standard for independent customer satisfaction ratings of global oilfield service providers. It is part of EnergyPoint’s portfolio of studies focused on the global energy industry’s satisfaction with the products and services it uses and depends on. This year’s study, which ended on December 31, 2021, includes the most comprehensive set of companies in the history of the survey.

“These results stand out in several respects,” noted Doug Sheridan, CEO and Founder of EnergyPoint. “On the one hand, a total of seven companies, many of which have gained market share and taken advantage of weakened competitors in recent years, participated in the survey for the first time. Three companies left the survey due to mergers, changes in strategy or bankruptcy.”

Top Five Suppliers: Total Satisfaction

Below is an alphabetical list of other companies ranked first in at least one category in this year’s survey:

  • hugue baker in perforation services, and an additional category;
  • Calfrac in Canada;
  • CGG in digital oilfield and big data, geophysical services, data processing and imagery, library sales and multi-client studies, and four additional categories;
  • Distribution NOW in oil field supply and distribution;
  • Frank’s International in sub-Saharan Africa, horizontal and directional wells, offshore shelf applications and two additional categories;
  • Halliburton in Integrated Services, Sand Control Services, Well Testing, Western Europe & North Sea, Eastern Europe & AUS, Land Applications and six additional categories;
  • Nabors Industries in casing and tubing running, and an additional category;
  • RENS in the reconditioning and maintenance of wells;
  • Petroleum GeoServices (PGS) in offshore data acquisition, and an additional category;
  • PHX Energy Services in directional drilling;
  • PRC in the Appalachian basin – Marcellus, American Rockies and an additional category;
  • Schlumberger in Cementing Services, Wireline Logging, LWD, MWD, Alaska, California, Gulf of Mexico, Latin America and Mexico, Offshore Applications and nine additional categories;
  • Tide in AHTS ships, fast supply ships, platform supply ships and two additional categories;
  • Wellbore Integrity Solutions in fishing services and an additional category.

Top 5: Quality of work

Top 5: Service and professionalism

Sheridan added, “With oil and gas companies and investors focusing on controlling capital expenditure – the cornerstone of the supplier industry – supplier success continues to hinge on their ability to attract and retain customers. customers over the long term. It should come as no surprise that customer satisfaction continues to be a major indicator of vendor outperformance in today’s market.”

Other oil service providers receiving the minimum number of ratings to be included in this year’s final rankings include, in alphabetical order, Archer, Axis Energy Services, BJ Energy Solutions, Bourbon Offshore, Delmar Systems, Expro, FTS International, Gordon Technologies, Key Energy Services, KLX Energy Services, MRC Global, NexTier Oilfield Solutions, Oil States International, Nine Energy Service, Patterson-UTI , Ranger Energy Services, Scientific Drilling and Weatherford International.

Survey Information

Global in nature, the study, comprised of more than 50 questions, ended on December 31, 2021. All questions focused on features and attributes that have been shown to drive customer satisfaction from service providers. petroleum services. These include pricing and contract terms, performance and reliability, quality of work, technology, service and professionalism, HSE, digital oil fields and big data, and business capabilities. Suppliers were also evaluated across multiple service categories, applications, well types, and global regions. Survey respondents were asked to rate only oil service providers with whom they had significant experience as customers in the past 24 months.

The final survey results reflect the opinions of more than 3,800 customer reviews regarding major oil service providers. For categories and companies in which qualifying assessments exist, scores from EnergyPoint’s 2018 and 2019 studies have been included in this year’s category winner calculations with lower weightings than the 2020 and 2021 studies. In any event, results from the previous period were given a weighting greater than 20% on a combined basis for purposes of calculating this year’s final scores and rankings.

Full survey results are available in EnergyPoint’s 2022 Assessment and Analysis Report. The publication includes detailed ratings for all rated companies, with analysis of trends and drivers of customer satisfaction as revealed by survey data. Inquiries regarding the report, as well as promotional rights and programs for top-rated companies, should be directed to or +1.713.529.9450. Information can also be found at the following online sites:

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