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Norway: Scenic Guide to Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park, located just east of Bergen in southern Norway, is home to the highest concentration of reindeer in Europe. Its extensive elevated grounds offer breathtaking beauty and various outdoor activities.

Norway’s largest national park is also one of the most diverse in the country. Whether visitors are looking for a place to hike, fish, or simply experience beautiful surroundings, Hardangervidda is as close to a polar adventure as visitors will get.

What to do in the park

Hit the trails

Hardangervidda is a renowned hiking spot in Norway. The bare alpine plateau is ideal for those looking for stunning views but don’t want to hike too far.

Kinsarvik–Stavali Trail

This steep climb from the Sorfjord to the plateau provides a beautiful entry into the highlands and is easily accessible from Route 13. This is a two-day hike that takes visitors through huge changes in terrain from the fjord to the meadow through the steep mountain. designated trail by the Norwegian Trekking Organization leads from Kinsarvik to Stavali to Hardangervidda, passing Husesalen, the Meadow of Four Waterfalls.

  • The hiking association hotel in Stavali offers overnight accommodation.

Finse–Rembesdalseter–Kjeldebu–Finse Trail

This strenuous loop starts in Finse and goes all over the Hardangerjkulen Glacier. The route is rocky and open in places, but offers spectacular views of glaciers and the harshness of the Hardangervidda.

Cycling on the arid land

On Hardangervidda there are many famous cycle routes covering a variety of landscapes. Some paths extend over a day, while others take several days. The flat and arid environment is excellent for a nice bike ride.

Rallarvegen-Navvies cycle route

This is Norway’s most scenic cycling tour, from the highlands to the fjords. In just under 6 hours, the Rallarvegen cycle route takes cyclists from the rough and austere hills of Finse, through the maximum altitude of 1340 meters above sea level, to the magnificent landscapes of the fjords of Film.

This path is not only a beautiful bike ride, but also a historical experience.Although the Rallarvegen officially starts in Haugastl, the most convenient path is the shorter path from Finse to Flm.

Cycle path from Krossobanen to Kalhovd

The Krossobanen bike ride from Rjukan to Kalhovd is also among the most scenic in Norway, with views of Mount Gausta and, if visitors are lucky, a wild reindeer.

The 30 kilometer track is well marked and ideal for cyclists of all ages.

Go trout fishing

The Hardangervidda is renowned for its many trout lakes and streams, which offer excellent fishing opportunities. Every year, many keen anglers flock to Hardangervidda to take advantage of the vast populations of trout in the park’s streams.

Shallow creeks in the Srfjord are strongly suggested, and if they don’t work, a visit to the park’s Nature Center will allow visitors to learn about several of the park’s inhabitants.

Visitors can also go sailing on Lake Mosvatn, almost 900 meters above sea level, which is a non-fishing alternative to discovering the beautiful lakes of Hardangervidda.

Wildlife viewing

Hardangervidda is famous for its unusual biodiversity, especially wild reindeer. Reindeer are well adapted to severe cold when food is scarce, making Hardangervidda an ideal habitat for them.

Herds of reindeer generally roam around the nature reserve in large herds, although hikers rarely come across them. Alpine foxes and arctic owls are also among the tundra animals that tourists can observe.

Cross-country skiing in winter

The most popular winter habitat in Norway is Hardangervidda. It’s a steep and wild plateau where skiing is the best way to get a real sense of the outdoors. Crossing the Hardangervidda from south to north and east to west has traditionally been a difficult ski tour.

Crossing the vidda can be done unaided by pushing sleds, camping, or using the Norwegian Trekking Organization’s cottages and cabins, located throughout Norway. Tourists can also enjoy the icy shores of Lake Mosvatn, close to the park boundaries.

Explore the center of Hardangervidda National Park

The Hardangervidda National Park Museum is an exhibition center located at the entrance to the park. On Hardangervidda, visitors can view an award-winning educational presentation on the environment and wild reindeer. There is also a Hardangervidda-themed cinema and cafeteria with spectacular views of the nature reserve.

Visitors can learn a lot about the wildlife and natural history of the area. The Center opened in 1995 and has since become a popular destination for visitors wishing to gain insight into the Norwegian environment.

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When to visit Hardangervidda

  • In the Hardangervidda region, July to August is the best time for hiking.
  • The highlands offer stunning scenery to the west, with mountain ranges, deep valleys and spectacular waterfalls.
  • The wider and gentler landscape of the plateau to the east is ideal for walking.

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Getting to the park

By plane

  • Nearest airport: Stord Airport – 192 km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach the park.

By train

  • Nearest station: Haugastøl Stasjon Station – 43 Km
  • Visitors can take a taxi which takes about 50 minutes to reach the park.

By bus

  • Nearest bus stop: Maurset Bus Station – 24.7km
  • It is a 40 minute drive from the station to the park.

Hardangervidda National Park is a magical place. Hiking, fishing and biking are important attractions in this region due to its huge open fields, highlands and natural lakes.

The landscape of the park is diverse with rugged peaks and breathtaking views. It is heaven for skiers, hikers, wildlife watchers, cyclists and travel enthusiasts. It is the ideal destination to visit if visitors want to enjoy unspoiled nature and fantastic outdoor activities.

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