Fishing skills

Outdoor Adventure Camp helps Special Olympics athletes learn new skills and hone old ones


Special Olympics athletes learned outdoor skills and techniques through games Saturday at Special Olympics Missouri Outdoor Adventure Camp, the first event of its kind.

The camp was offered in partnership with Bass Pro Shops, who provided all the equipment for the event and also provides other events throughout the year. It took place on the Training for Life campus.

Susan Shaffer, Training for Life’s outreach and campus director and Bass Pro liaison for the event, said: Disabled, have the opportunity to go out into the community.

In mid-November, the weather is cold so the event was scheduled indoors, Shaffer said, but the athletes were still able to try things they could do outside.

Athletes learned archery by shooting arrows with a magnetic tip at dartboard type targets. They learned to cast as part of the fishing unit, to catch plastic fish that could be hooked and dragged. They played cornhole with giant bags and operated remote control cars.

“It was really cool to see the athletes doing these kinds of activities that they can do outside,” she said.

The event also aims to teach athletes “in an environment that they enjoy,” Shaffer said.

This helps them learn the technique and take it with them into the community.

About fifteen participants aged 8 to 24 came throughout the day.

“Everyone seemed to enjoy it today and were really happy that we started offering more programming, and part of the deal is that some of the people who were here today had never been in our. apartment building. So they got to see more of our stuff that we’re going to offer, ”Shaffer said.

There is a gym and some people were happy that their son or daughter could come and work out during the week.

The facilities are open to anyone involved in Special Olympics. If people have special needs and want to be involved but aren’t yet, Shaffer said they can fill out paperwork and use the facility.

Shaffer said the organization is wrapping up the bowling season and will soon head to basketball, and in the spring there will be track and field, swimming, powerlifting and volleyball.

Shaffer said he is also planning individual camps and weekend events that will take place soon.

Kaden Cook shoots his arrow at Reddies during the Special Olympics Missouri outdoor adventure event on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at the Missouri Special Olympics campus in Jefferson City, Missouri. Cook and his family drove to Republic, Mo – a town near Springfield – to participate in today’s event. “It was pretty cool,” Cook said. “I didn’t know I could do this.” (Photo by Ethan Weston / News Tribune)