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Portland Weed & Dispensary Guide with Yvonne Perez Emerson


There is a saying in the cannabis enthusiast community that goes something like “everything is better with weed”. That’s right – eating cereal, listening to music, cleaning your bathroom – cannabis can turn any activity into something a little more fun. It turns the mundane into something special. And when you create something beautiful in the company of weed, it can feel magical.

When Oregon legalized cannabis, Portland artist Yvonne Perez Emerson knew she wanted to make room for this kind of magic. As she said when I first met her in 2018, “I had a space, a big name in my head and the authority to say: Let’s smoke weed and let’s do shit. So we did.

Now, Make & Mary workshops are a staple in Portland’s arts and cannabis communities, ranging from macrame and leatherworking classes to dyeing and wreath-making workshops. Emerson will partner with a eat-in treat farm or have attendees bring their own, allowing people to fuel their creativity at their own pace while doing so.

In June 2020, Emerson moved to a new space in northeast Portland, where it sells its expanding in-house line of CBD-infused full-spectrum beauty and aromatherapy products and continues to host workshops for heritage crafts. While the COVID-19 pandemic has severely dampened the scene of the event, one thing is certain: Portland grass is doing well.

“What I love about Portland and its cannabis scene is that we’re still a small, big city,” Emerson says. “People know each other and we are always united. Weed is part of the culture – people can go to a house party, a walk in the park, or a workshop where everyone learns about natural death and finds that weed is a very natural part of it. experience. It’s just a part of Portland itself.

To get a new look at how best to enjoy flowers (or edibles or concentrates) in the city of roses, I asked Make & Mary’s mom herself her favorite dispensaries, her activities focused on weeds and any other suggestions of weed foods. wandering.