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Prime Minister of Tasmania – A girls’ guide to hunting, fishing and wild cooking to introduce the products and way of life of Tasmania


November 17, 2021

Elise Archer, Minister of Arts

The Liberal Government of Tasmania is a strong supporter of the arts in Tasmania and we are investing in our local industry to ensure it can continue to thrive in the future.

I am pleased to attend an advanced screening of the first two episodes of Girls’ guide to hunting, fishing and wild cooking tonight alongside the cast and production crew and other members of the Tasmanian film industry.

Filmed entirely in Tasmania and co-produced by Broken Yellow and Sydney-based Tasmanian production company Southern Pictures, the series will showcase our landscapes, way of life, united communities and world-class products, enticing viewers to eat in season, cook simply and find their “interior wilderness”.

The Government of Tasmania, through Screen Tasmania, has invested $ 15,000 under the Development Investment Program and an additional $ 80,000 in investment in production through the Screen Tasmania Innovation Fund.

Most importantly, this has generated almost $ 250,000 in spending in our local economy – supporting jobs in our vital sector of the screen industry.

The series follows world-renowned Michelin-starred chef Analiese Gregory as she trades her high-flying restaurant career for a century-old cottage in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley.

The Tasmanian Government’s continued commitment to Tasmanian film production has enabled the screen industry to build capacity, develop new work and serve large-scale productions, ensuring that the stories, landscapes , Tasmania’s unique people and creatures continue to intrigue, engage and entertain audiences around the world.

A girls’ guide to hunting, fishing and wild cooking will premiere on SBS Food on Thursday, November 18 at 8:30 p.m. and is available to stream on SBS On Demand.

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