Fishing skills

Quarterback Jake Fromm shows off his fishing skills ahead of NFL Draft


One thing the quarterback Jake fromm became known for his love of the outdoors during his three years in Georgia. On Friday he showed off his skills in this department, posting a video on his personal Instagram account of himself fishing in a secret location, with the caption “Same photo, different fish. “

A comment that stood out in replies to his post came from the former Georgian quarterback Jacob Reason, who finished his college career in Washington and is heading to the NFL Draft alongside Fromm.

“From Exotic the Fish King, ”Eason said.

In the videos in the post, Fromm appears to be avoiding getting hooked, which was not the case two years ago when he went fishing in an undisclosed lake in Adel (Ga.).

Last week, Fromm gave advice to Laura Rutledge of ESPN on how to give turkey a good call.

“The key is number 1, go with someone who knows how to call,” Fromm said. “It’s always the most important thing. Anyone can pull a trigger, but can you call the bird a little closer to you? It’s a little big – that’s the hardest part . This is what makes it fun for a lot of guys. Is finding where the turkeys are. You have to find the land. You have to know the land and know where they like to be. Third, you have to make sure that you are camouflaged. and don’t move. Make sure that when the bird comes looking you stay hidden and make that happen. “

According to The Athletic, Fromm got the second highest score on the Wonderlic Test. Next weekend, Fromm will participate in the 2020 NFL Draft virtually and find out where he plays football next. Fromm has played 43 straight games at UGA with 42 starts where he amassed a 35-7 record as a starter. During his three years on campus, Fromm completed 63.3% of his passes and averaged 8.4 yards per attempt. He has 622 completed passes in 983 attempted passes for 8,236 yards and 78 touchdowns against 18 interceptions.

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While not hunting turkeys these days, Fromm is gearing up for the 2020 NFL Draft. Fromm opted to forgo his final season of eligibility in Georgia to enter the draft a year earlier, and right now, he’s expected to come off the board in round three, according to CBS Sports’ latest simulation project.

Fromm was a four-star rookie and the No.3 pro-style quarterback in the 2017 signing class, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.