Fishing activities

Residents resume pre-storm activities as cleanup on Pawleys Island continues

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) – Days after Hurricane Ian, Pawleys Island is drying up and people were enjoying the outdoors on Monday afternoon.

“I like to fish off the North Causeway Bridge, and when I came here and saw the damage, it’s unbelievable,” said Georgetown resident Michael Farrar.

Farrar said the damage was not as severe at his home.

“We just had a lot of wind and rain,” he said.

Landscapers were still at work late in the afternoon, clearing debris from the roadway and waterfront properties.

“We’ve been here since 7:30 a.m. picking up along Myrtle Street,” said a landscaper from the cleanup crew.

Water spilled onto Myrtle Street and North Causeway on Friday as Ian drove through the area.

Jill Wilder-Martinez, who grew up on Pawleys Island, said she and her husband decided to weather the storm.

“We had a plan, which we would quit if it was above a category. It was just one, so we stayed,” Wilder-Martinez said.

On the water, two men were seen towing a dock behind them. They said they had been looking for him since Saturday.

“We found it about 600 meters north of the causeway,” they said.

As residents continue to pick up the pieces and move on, one indicator that things were getting back to normal is the handful of people fishing on the bridge.

“Safety is the most important thing, make sure you’re safe and check on your neighbors,” Wilder-Martinez said.