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RuneScape 3: the most profitable skills

Money is what makes the world go round. In the wide world of Runescape 3it is no different. Runescape 3 is a cult classic MMORPG from Jagex Studios, with 27 different skills to train and master. Members have access to all 27 skills, while non-members can only access 17 of these skills. These skills are divided into four categories: Combat, Artisan, Gathering and Support.

Some of these skills are profitable, granting XP in addition to money, while others offer no in-game wealth. Players can sell logs obtained from the Woodcutting skill, mine rare ores and even sell drops obtained through Slayer missions. With the overwhelming amount of activities to do and training hotspots, players may need guidance on how to start building their in-game bank account without getting paid to win!


8 woodcutting

The two main lucrative options for this gatherer skill are cutting magic logs and elder logs, requiring 75 and 90 wood cuts respectively. This skill is very beginner friendly and always a good starting point in the world of Runescape.

Magic Logs are worth 320 gp each and grant 250 experience points when cut, while Elder Logs are worth 5,000 each and grant 325 experience points per chopped log. Make a good profit and practice cutting wood simultaneously, without extra effort! Two birds, one stone.

seven Fishing

The Fishing skill is one of the most relaxing things to do in Runescape. There are several different fish that are actually profitable and worth grinding up: Sailfish, Karambwan, Rocktail, Shark, and Great White Sharks, to name a few. Catching these fish should net players around 1 million per hour if they keep clicking and moving to different fishing hotspots.

Fishing also doesn’t grant a lot of XP per hour, but players should make a lot of money if they start at level 1 and go all the way up to 120.

6 Mining

Mining goes hand in hand with blacksmithing and is often used to gather materials for blacksmithing. Mining is a very low-maintenance, low-click skill, which means players can play on one tab and watch fun videos on the other. Win-win!

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Dark Animica Ore requires level 90 mining and can be found southeast of Anachronia. Players can earn up to 1.5 million per hour using this resource. Runite Ore is also a good method for non-member players to earn gold and only requires mining level 50.

5 herbalism

At high levels, instead of being a money drain, Herblore can generate decent profits, depending on fluctuating Grand Exchange prices.

As an artisan skill, players can craft Flasks of Super Saradomin Brew by mixing Saradomin Wine and a Saradomin Brew (3) to create the Super Saradomin Brew. Players must take their new brew to a settling NPC, such as Bob Barter (herbs) in the Grand Exchange, armed with potion flasks; they will receive their Super Saradomin Brew Flask. These are worth around 150K each! If you buy all the ingredients from the Grand Exchange market, this expensive method should still give players a total profit of 12 million per hour. Not bad!

4 Agriculture

The best way to earn money for farming is by growing herbs in various patches of herb farms scattered around Gielinor. The most profitable herbs are Ranarr, Tortsol, and Spirit Weed, worth 5,103 gp, 8,360 gp, and 10,821 gp respectively. Players can also clean these herbs to earn an additional bonus.

The player-owned farm is basically Stardew Valley but in Runescape and was introduced to the game in 2018. It’s also a decent XP trainer and a good money earner. As Pokemon, players can breed and collect shiny variations of standard farm animals, like sheep, cows, and even dragons. These unchecked shiny builds can be sold on the Grand Exchange for a decent profit.

3 Creation of runes

If you train Runecrafting from level 1 all the way up to mastery level at 120, players can earn around 1.5 billion GP. The best way to earn money for this skill is to create combo runes, such as mist, dust, mud, smoke, steam, and lava runes.

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Players must be at least level 6 in Runecrafting to create these runes. To create combined runes, players must take existing runes that are already half of the combination, for example, water runes for mist runes and the corresponding water talisman. An equal amount of pure gasoline is required for the other half of the suit. Combo Runes are an instant sale on the Grand Exchange, generating at least 8 million per hour. However, it is a very click-intensive skill and requires a lot of back and forth between bank and rune altars.

2 Hunter

Hunter is a gathering skill well worth spending time on. At a high level, players can hunt Grenwalls and Salamanders (red and black).

Hunting Grenwalls in particular can earn players up to 7 million per hour if they are on an empty server with access to multiple traps at once. Hunting red salamanders by Castle Wars will earn players an hourly profit of around 3M. Players with magic stationery can extend their stay and prolong their winnings, reducing banking trips. Black Salamanders are more risky, as they are only found in the Wilderness PvP zone and only bring 2 million profit if players can even return safely without another player ruining their day.

1 Slayer (and other combat skills)

Slayer is definitely Runescape 3is the best skill to rake the GP. Of course, this entirely depends on the task assigned to players by a Slayer Master and their current combat level. Even from a low level, it is still possible to earn money by training Slayer. This skill serves double purpose as players can train all combat skills (Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defense, Strength, and Constitution) and Slayer.

Players assigned to Lava Strykewyrms, Adamant Dragons, Airut or Ripper Demons are almost guaranteed to earn at least 2M per hour. These mobs require players to be careful, use melee abilities to stun, and are therefore not afk-capable. The more players progress towards level 120 Slayer, the more money per hour can be earned with better tasks, so kill!

Runescape 3 is available to play for free on Android, iOS and PC.

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